Friday, July 3, 2015

8 Great Trash-To-Treasure Crafts

As a nation we're much more aware these days of the environment and how it is important that we do what we can to protect it. We know that our actions affect the environment and that we should be making sensible decisions because of this.

One of the ways that we have started to do this is to recycle items. This can be household rubbish such as tins, cardboard and plastic, but it can also be something much larger. One thing that we could be doing is throwing away less items of home furniture and items within our home. Instead what we should be doing is looking at ways that we can reuse items that we're finished with.

This creates unique pieces of furniture so that our home is decorated in a way that is personal to you. It does this at a price you can afford, so you don't have to worry too much about breaking the bank. Here are some fantastic ideas for trash to treasure crafting that we wanted to share with you

Tabletop Recovery

If your table gets scratched, marked or damaged then it can be easy to assume that you need to throw it away and buy a new one, or hire someone to resurface it for you which can be expensive. However actually this is a really good project that you can handle yourself, and for a fraction of the price. The wood will need to be sanded down and you should ask your local DIY shop about products to paint it with but other than that, you are good to go. You could even get some templates to paint on unique designs if this was something you were interested in.

Door Decorations

We're used to seeing wreaths on front doors at Christmas, but why not consider door decorations that you can make all year round? You'll be surprised at how easy these are to make. They can be designed from fake flowers, ribbons and all sorts of other materials. There are designs which are held together with a garden hose which are great for creating a door decoration with a difference.

A New Bed

A new bed can be expensive, especially if you want one that is larger than average and that looks different to the norm. There are project ideas that involve creating headboards out of fireplaces and beds out of pallets. You should look at the materials you have available and then look at ways you can turn them into something comfortable to sleep on.

Industrial Lighting

Companies often throw out their industrial lighting setups, just because they have are going for a new style of office. This means that they are in perfect condition and can easily be turned into something useable inside your home. These are great for creating centre pieces in a room and can often be designed into something really stylish.

Bins inside Your Home

Waste paper bins are often dull and plain, which means that they do the job but they don't add anything special to a home. These can be easily decorated and spruced up to match the colour of a room. Stickers, paint, stencils and even chalk can be used to create something great out.

Improve Surfaces

If surfaces in your home are damaged, denting or scratched then you could be surprised at just how much difference a lick of paint could make. You can go for high gloss paint to give your surfaces a shine. Painting with stencils can help to create great designs on your surfaces, cupboard doors, drawer front and more.

Lamp Shades

If the lampshades in your home have seen better days then you should look at ways that these can be improved. You can even buy second hand items in charity shops for you to work on a spruce up. Depending on the material that these are made from you can use different materials to decorate these in different ways. Paint can be good for material, or you could even sew patterns on, depending on how good your needle skills are.

Make Use of Household Rubbish

If there is anything in your home that is about to be thrown away, get on Google and look at what you can do with it. You'll be surprised at the wonderful creations you can make from household items which not only look good but save you a fortune.

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