Home And Decoration Tips: Tips to Organize the Messiest Rooms in Your House

Tips to Organize the Messiest Rooms in Your House

"Organize" is a universal word regarding arranging things for best use. Every family has its strategies dealing with clutter and keeping their house organized. But, over time, we can get lazy and let those systems go. Here are some tips to getting back on track:


1. Place all of your accessories (such as lotion or hair spray) in a plastic container and place them under the counter to keep them organized.

2. Place your soaps, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel in a hanging shower caddies.

3. Use a simple magnetic strip in the medicine cabinet to hang scissors, nail clippers and tweezers.

4. Store your favorite newspapers and magazine in a decorative rack.

5. Get rid of unused stuff in your bathroom such as perfumes, lotions, sunscreen and makeup.

6. Place a shelf for your personal use items, such as shaving materials or creams, washcloths and accessories.

7. Put a clock in your bathroom so you have not any excuses for being late.


8. Classify your cabinets into several categories: glasses, plates, cups, plastic containers and kid's plates.

9. Buy a cute spice rack then label and arrange frequently used spices first then the others toward the back.

10. Always clean your refrigerator and remove unwanted food; this will keep it smelling good and sanitary.

11. Keep only the cook books that you actually use in your kitchen... toss the rest. If you have not used them in a while, chances are you won't ever.

12. Save the items that you use every day in your countertop space.

Kid's room

13. Build a basketball hoop over your child's laundry basket to encourage them to put their dirty clothes in one area... rather than all over the place!

14. Hang a fish net from the ceiling to keep their toys.

15. Add a bookshelf to organize books, notebooks, newspapers or magazines.

16. Buy an alarm clock especially for them then teach them how to use it to get up on time.


17. Put a basket in your closet for laundry or dry cleaning.

18. Organize your clothes by season, sort for donation and remove out-of-fashion clothes or those that on longer fit.

19. If your closet is tall with several shelves, put the current season's clothes down and keep the out-of-season clothes up.

20. Keep your shoes organized by using shoe racks.

The objective of organizing is not to exhaust yourself arranging and decorating but to make your life comfortable and to keep those areas clean without much effort.