Friday, July 3, 2015

How To Choose The Right Light Fixtures For Your Home

Lighting is not just for creating an ambience or boosting the aesthetic appeal of your home. It has a utility aspect too. In homes that are limited on space, you can create an illusion of a larger space simply by paying attention to the lighting. This includes indoor as well as outdoor lighting.

There are several factors that you must take into consideration when deciding on the lighting options. The interior design, the room, the purpose, safety and energy saving features are just to name a few. Let's see them in a little more detail.

The Interior Design

The lighting fixtures should complement the interior design. For instance, if your décor leans more to the vintage styles, you can choose from among highly ornate chandeliers and low-hanging pendant lights made of solid brass, bronze, iron and etched glass. There are different types of lights such as those with faux candles, light bulbs and lights. On the contrary, if you prefer modern and minimalistic, you can always opt for sleek and compact designs. You can use scones, spotlights and other recessed fixtures that fit into walls.


The purpose is largely determined by the room or the place where the light has to be fitted. Functional spaces such as the kitchen, the study room and the office need adequate lighting to avoid eye strain. The living room and dining rooms can work with dimmer lights. You can install a chandelier or a low hanging pendant light just above your dining table.

If you like to read in the living room or just before going to bed, you can set up a table lamp near your bed or a floor lamp near your armchair. Lights fitted in the bathrooms especially those fitted above the mirrors should be free of shadows and excessive glare. You can also consider a dim wall scone or a table lamp in your kid's bedroom.

Moving outdoors, lighting is meant for security. Hence, the lights used should be bright enough to light the outdoor spaces, the walking path and stairs. This will deter mischievous activity to a certain extent. It is also for safety purposes so that you or visitors don't trip in the dark. With a proper search, you will find many lights that match your home décor and security needs.

Layer the lighting

When you are working you would prefer a task light, but when you are entertaining guests, you would like ambience lights that allow you to set the mood. You can achieve this in the same room by layering lighting. You can fix ambient, task and accent lights in the same room, but only use them as per your needs. You can install dimmers to help adjust the level of illumination and thus shift successfully between ambience and task lighting.

Energy Saving Factors

With the world moving towards energy efficiency, you should invest in lighting fixtures with energy saving features. There are motion detection lights. They come on only when they sense movement. These are good as outdoor lights on the front, back and sides. Lights with timers are also a good option in terms of convenience and energy efficiency. You can set the light to come on and switch off at a particular time. This way your house will be lit even when you are not at home.

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