Home And Decoration Tips: Paint Ideas for a Living Room Design with High Ceilings


Paint Ideas for a Living Room Design with High Ceilings

Paint Ideas for a Living Room Design with High Ceilings. Ceilings make up a large part of any room, yet often are forgotten and neglected in terms of design and decor. They sometimes are referred to as the "fifth wall" in a room. If your home has high ceilings, that generally is considered a good thing as they tend to make rooms feel bright and airy. However, a large room may not feel as cozy as one with lower ceilings. Use paint to liven up your living room and make it feel bright and homey.

Light Blue

To enhance the light and airy feeling of a living room with high ceilings, paint your walls a light gray-blue. This is a pale, cool-toned neutral color that works well with a beach or cottage decor as well as modern furnishings. You can paint the ceiling the same pale blue color. Alternately, paint the ceiling a soft, white color. This will make the room feel even taller and brighter.

Accent Wall

An accent wall is a striking look in any room, particularly a living room with high ceilings. Paint the majority of the room in a warm, neutral color, such as a soft gold or pale yellow. Choose a warm color for the accent wall, such as terracotta or even brick red. As the accent wall reaches high toward the ceiling, the light will reflect off it and fill the room with the bright color.


Paint the ceiling in a darker color than the walls. One color scheme is cream walls, with a rich, cocoa brown ceiling. The darker ceiling balances an open space and makes the room feel more cozy. For an added touch, add a pearl glaze over the brown paint.


Use paint colors such as pink and peach in your living room. These colors are sunny and soft and complimentary to most skin tone. Use one color for the ceiling and another color for the walls. For example, paint the walls of your living room in the soft pink color and the ceiling a peach color of the same value.
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