Home And Decoration Tips: Interior Decorating Tips for Log Homes


Interior Decorating Tips for Log Homes

If you are the proud owner of a log home, then you know the specific challenges that you face when deciding on an interior decorating style for it. Log homes are practically accessories on their own, so when choosing your decor, you need to choose items and schemes that won't overwhelm the tones and textures of the logs throughout the home. Here are some tips to remember when decorating your log home.

Color Scheme

Chances are in a log home you have interior walls that will need paint. Even if you don't have interior walls to paint, you'll want to choose a color scheme for the accessories, artwork and textiles throughout the home. When choosing a paint color or general color scheme for a log home, keep in mind the log home's natural state. Choose colors that are reflected in nature and found near logs outdoors. Browns, tans, greens and autumn colors look very attractive in log homes, as they bring out the natural warmth in the log walls. Try and steer clear of vibrant and graphic colors that will look out of place in a log home, such as lime greens, vibrant oranges and violet purples.

Wood Accents

One of the most exciting parts about decorating log homes is the wood accents that you are able to use throughout the house. Choose wood accents like cabinetry and furniture that reflect the type of wood of your logs. For instance, if your home is made primarily of pine logs, then choose pine or alder cabinets that mimic the tone and texture of your walls within your wood accents. Try and avoid wood accents that are too different than the logs, as you may find that the different types of wood compete against each other in the decor.


When choosing home decor and accessories for your log home, keep in mind the rustic nature of log homes. Choose traditional furnishings and decor items that are antiquated or worn in their appearance to tie in with the rustic feeling of the home. Choose rich leathers and heavy suedes that can be carried by a solid log home. Log homes are not the place to employ minimalist or modern furnishings, as they will look sparse and out of place. Choose oversized accessories that make a statement in the room that you place them in.
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