Home And Decoration Tips: What Should We Do Before a Home Renovation?

What Should We Do Before a Home Renovation?

You have finally decided on what room or rooms that will be renovated in your home. You might also have decided to remodel the entire house. Many important choices have been made regarding design and materials, and the work will begin very soon. There is a lot of stress that accompanies remodeling projects and you will want to minimize the stress and inconvenience as much as possible. Therefore, you will also need to organize yourselves and your family for what is going to happen. Preparation of your home is a very important thing to do before the sledge hammers can get to work.


There are a number of things to consider. The first decision to make will be where you intend to live while the work is being done on your home. This may take a lot of brainstorming or can be very simple depending on the scope of the remodel.

For example, if you are having work done in a kitchen, basement or bathroom, it is likely that you will be able to stay in your home although it may be somewhat inconvenient. On the other hand, if there is going to be a major home remodel, it would probably best for you to live somewhere else for the duration. Where you select to live needs to be close enough that you can easily follow the remodeling process taking place in your home. Should you decide to be brave and stay in your home, choose a section of the house that is as far away as possible from the racket going on in order to work and sleep in peace.


It can be a good idea to store some your furniture elsewhere and/or pack up boxes to store with your furniture. If you store anything in the home, ensure that the boxes are labeled and easy to reach if needed.

You will need to talk with your contractors to find out whether or not they do any house preparation work. If the answer is no, the work is in your hands to make sure that the remodel results in as little dirt and chaos as possible. This means that you will need to cover floors, furniture and take curtains down. Another way to limit debris and dirt is to place plastic over the doorways that lead elsewhere from the construction site.

Although you have agreed on budget prior to starting the remodel, don't count on that number being the exact budget, you should always plan for more money to be spent. The typical suggestion is to plan on being at least 10% over budget because there are always small, unexpected costs which will turn up as the work proceeds. The contractors could find electrical problems, plumbing issues and even mold that have to be fixed.