Home And Decoration Tips: 5 Basement Finishing Tips

5 Basement Finishing Tips

The basement is an area of a house that is often overlooked and underused. In fact, it often ends up getting filled with many unwanted stuff. Many people don't realize that if properly finished, a basement can turn into an attractive room that can increase the overall value of the home.

Basement finishing is a rather simple task for building contractors. DIY homebuilders may find it a bit more challenging but still accomplishable. If you're neither one of those, you might want to hire the services of an experienced building contractor to do the job for you.

However, this does not mean that you should leave every decision to the contractor. In fact, you should work closely with the contractor to ensure that the basement finish turns out exactly how you want it, and that you don't overspend on the materials. Here are some basement finishing tips that can help you convert your basement into one of the best rooms in your home.

1. Design the room for a specific purpose - Many basements have been converted into home theaters, recreational areas, or home gymnasiums. It's best to think of what you need the basement to be before you start designing it. Changing your mind halfway through the work may drive up the cost of basement finishing.

2. Keep the design inline with the overall design of the home - When remodeling a basement, you want it to match the overall design of your home. It needs to look and feel like it's just another room in your house and not as if you've stepped through a portal once you walk through the door.

3. Take it easy on the woodwork - Some people just can't get over the idea that a basement is a storage area. A great basement finish should have minimal built-in cabinets and storage spaces. Not only will you save money on the cost of wood, but you'll also prevent your basement ending up as another storage room.

4. Maximize the use of natural light - If the house design will allow, try to maximize the use of natural light so you don't use up too much energy during the day. Some of the best basement finishing works maximizes the use of natural resources.

5. Use a drop-down ceiling only when needed - Basements are usually full of pipes running across the ceiling. In order to hide the pipes, some people think that installing a drop-down ceiling over the whole room will be easier. Bear in mind that basements usually have low ceilings so you'll need to maximize the space. It's best to install drop-down ceilings only in the areas where they are needed. You might need to rearrange the plumbing, but doing so will certainly help in creating a better basement finish.