Monday, July 6, 2015

Organize Your Dorm Room to Maximum Space

Dorm rooms are notorious for being cramped spaces that offer very little storage. Don't just settle for living in tight quarters; there are lots of clever ways you can maximize your tiny space. Read on to learn how you can transform your dorm room into a functional, comfortable space.

Rise Above it All

To get the most out of your space, you'll have to use every inch of it. Propping your bed up on bed risers is a great way to give yourself several feet of much-needed space. Use this space to store bins and containers filled with blankets, books, or clothes. There are many styles of storage containers to choose from, and some even come with wheels attached making it easy to access what you need. According to, look for risers with built-in outlets so you can easily charge your smartphone, tablet, or laptop right from your bed.

Handy Hooks

Hooks come in handy when you need a spot to hang your bags, clothes, and accessories. Driving nails through dorm walls is not only frowned upon, it's difficult trying to get a nail through the concrete walls. An effective solution is using temporary hooks that adhere securely to the walls. Although temporary, these useful hooks are sturdy enough to hold many items - from bathrobes and coats to backpacks and sets of keys. At the end of the semester, simply remove the hooks.

Stack 'Em Up

Stackable bins and baskets are a great way to gain vertical space on desks, on top of armoires, or on the floor. Store your most-used items in open bins so you can easily access what you need.

Over-the-door Shoe Organizer

Running out of closet space is one of the biggest dorm room complaints. Hanging an over-the-door shoe organizer on the inside of your closet lets you organize your shoes while freeing up useful space for other items. Shoe organizers are also great for corralling other items besides shoes. They're great for holding toiletries, pens, highlighters, paper clips, etc.

Tension Rods

Most dorm closets usually come with only one hanging rod - hardly enough space to hang all your clothes. Add an additional rod to maximize your space; they are easy to install - look for ones with hooks that hang over the existing rod. Simple! According to the pros at, if possible, avoid bringing an entire semester's worth of clothing with you at the start of the semester. If you plan on visiting home, you can swap clothes as needed to help prevent overcrowding.

Corner Check

Corners are often overlooked spaces in dorm rooms. The corner wedged between your bed and desk might not be big enough to add a full-size shelving unit, but it may be large enough to tuck a free-standing shelving rack or rolling cart. Another way to maximize open corner space is to hang an adjustable tension rod and use it for hanging scarves, ties, or belts.

Avoid Duplicates

If you'll be sharing a dorm room with a roommate, contact him or her before moving in to make sure you're not overloading the room with unnecessary duplicate items. If you can do with one television, microwave, iron, and ironing board, you'll free-up valuable space.

Miscellaneous Tips

  • An over-the-bed-storage shelf takes up very little floor space, yet provides additional storage.
  • A bedside storage caddy has plenty of pockets to hold your television remote, phone, or reading materials. The caddy fits securely between the box spring and mattress.
  • Replace bulky hangers with slimmer, non-slip hangers. They take up less closet space and help to keep your clothes from sliding off.

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