Home And Decoration Tips: 3 Reasons You Should Choose Oriental Rugs Over Carpeting

3 Reasons You Should Choose Oriental Rugs Over Carpeting

Most homeowners and buyers are separated into two camps: carpet or bare floors. Those who prefer bare floors can have all of the same perks, plus a few more, as those who like wall to wall shag, with none of the negatives. Here are three reasons why Oriental rugs are the best option for a home.


Taking care of a carpet can be quite the chore sometimes. You have to vacuum and rake it often, and even shampoo and steam clean it on occasion. This can be very expensive, as most people have to either rent the equipment necessary to perform these tasks, or hire a professional to come into their house and do it. With an Oriental rug, you just have to roll it up, take it outside, hang it over the fence or a wash line, and beat the dirt out of it. Every few years, when you really want to clean it out, you roll it up, stick it in your car, and take it to a specialist who can clean it in their own shop. Furthermore, if you ever stain a carpet, you can either cover the stain or you have to replace the whole thing, which can be very expensive. The same options exist for rug, however it is a much cheaper item to replace.


Generally, when choosing a carpet for your house, you pick the color and the thickness of it. When choosing Oriental rugs for a home, buyers can choose thickness, size, colors, patterns, fringes, and many more options. They can have multiple options in one room of the same style or in completely different patterns. This allows for more personalization of individual rooms, and the home as a whole.


When it comes to choices regarding carpeting a room, you often have to decide either cover the entire room or just half. On the other hand, Oriental rugs offer a nearly infinite number of options. If you just want a comfy place in front of the fire, you can place a runner of your choosing there. If you want one on each side of the room, with the floor bare down the middle where people walk, that is also an option. If you are having a party or other event, you can rearrange them to suit your preference, or even take them out of the room. On the other hand, the carpet is permanent and isn't going anywhere.

In conclusion, for those considering the question of shag versus bare floors, you should definitely go for the bare floors. Oriental runners offer easier maintenance, due to their portability. They offer more variety when it comes to style and decorating the home, including the option of vintage and antique pieces. Finally, they can offer the homeowner greater versatility due to their portability, size, and the ability to have multiple pieces in a single room.