Home And Decoration Tips: Clever Ways to Save Space in Your Home

Clever Ways to Save Space in Your Home

Do you find that no matter how much you clean and tidy and re-arrange things, the house just never looks quite right? Clutter can be frustrating because it makes the place look untidy but in most cases, we actually need that clutter so simply throwing it away isn't an option. If you're after a more minimalistic look but just can't part with all your possessions, here are some clever ways to help you save space in your home and achieve that look you've been after at the same time.

Use a chest or an ottoman with storage inside as a coffee table - most living rooms have a coffee table but double it up as a storage box and you have a brilliant way of hiding that extra clutter you just don't know what to do with. Things like magazines, books, remote controls and old photos are just a few ideas of things that you need but don't necessarily want on display all the time.

Put shelving up - if you are tight for space then cupboards are just going to take up valuable space. Instead put up shelves because this offers an extra place to store things but won't interfere with the amount of available space you have in the room.

Put your things in self storage - if you have items that you don't really need or use but don't want to throw away, then self storage is the perfect place for them. Out of your way, you can be rest assured that your goods are being well looked after and that you can access them at any point in the future when you may need them.

Use corner bookcases - there are many areas of the home that simply cannot be used for tables, chairs and other furnishings. However, you can take advantage of wasted space by using corner bookcases. As well as acting as an extra decoration and a bit of character, it provides you with a great way of displaying books, magazines and other decorations without looking untidy.

Buy a shoe rack - most of us take off our shoes when entering our home which means that the front door is frequently littered with dozens of pairs of shoes. Rather than being greeted with an unsightly heap of shoes every time you enter or leave your house, use a shoe rack so they can all be stored neatly. As well as looking much tidier, a shoe rack can also save you a lot of space and best of all, you won't be tripping over everything when you walk through the door.

From clever storage ideas, putting up shelving, using bookcases and keeping your stuff in self storage, there are plenty of great ways you can save space in your home and keep your living area clutter-free.