Home And Decoration Tips: Tips For Choosing Chair Covers That Are Right For You

Tips For Choosing Chair Covers That Are Right For You

Chair covers can take a drab looking chair that you have become tired of, and transform it into a new vibrant piece of furniture. Chair covers are the inexpensive way to make a change in the way your home décor looks. A little paint of the walls and some chair covers to change the look of the furniture and you have an instant home make over.

When you are shopping for chair covers one of the best places to find really low prices on these items are at online shops. You have to know a little more about your furniture when you shop for these items online, because the returns are not as easy as driving across town, but the savings make up for the difficulties you might run into.

Before you begin to shop online, or in brick and mortar stores, you need to know the size of your furniture. You need to measure the sofa for length, and height. The type of arms your furniture has will also play a large role in the covers that you buy for them. Measure each chair for width, height and arm width.

Some covers have skirts that reach the floor and others simply cover the main seating section of the piece. You have to decide what look you are going for. If one of the motivations for the coverings is because you have pets that leave hair on the furniture there are specially designed covers made for this reason. These covers are very easy to put on and to remove when company comes over.

If you are covering a recliner make certain that the cover you purchase is designed for chairs that recline. You do not want to make it impossible to lift the foot rest of your recliner after you get the new cover in place. They make special covers that fit the reclining chairs perfectly, and the covers are designed to allow the foot rest to be opened, and then closed, with no interference.

Make certain that the covers you are purchasing can be thrown into the washing machine. You can buy covers that are dry c lean only, but those covers are expensive, and they are hard to care for. If you buy the style that can be thrown into the washing machine then you will be able to clean them anytime you please with minimal effort.