Home And Decoration Tips: Cowhide Rugs Make Stylish and Contemporary Accent Rugs

Cowhide Rugs Make Stylish and Contemporary Accent Rugs

Before you begin planning their placement, it's helpful to know that cow skin rugs are extremely durable. They require little maintenance, do not shed and are not a magnet for dust. An occasional good shake outdoors is all the cleaning your rug requires. Spills are not a problem when you have a cowhide rug. They can simply be wiped up with a cloth. Another impressive feature of cow skin rugs is that they are hypoallergenic.

Now that you know the positive features of a cowhide rug, it's time to explore some of the interesting ways to incorporate them into your home decor. If you have a young son, a cow skin rug would be ideal for his room. It can withstand the high energy level of a young boy. Instead of the traditional cowhide rug, your son might prefer a cowhide that has been dyed army green or blue and gray. Either of these would be ideal for a boy's bedroom.

For the little princess in your home or the teen who wants to express her personality, a cow skin rug dyed brilliant pink, energizing bright green, regal purple or vibrant red would be a wonderful accent piece for the room. For a girl who wants some dazzle and bling in her bedroom decor, metallic cowhide rugs are the perfect room accessory.

It's quite trendy to incorporate some elegance and sophistication in a nursery, young child or teen's room. Tri-colored cowhides, speckled cow skin rugs and brindle pattern cow skins can be used in any of these room designs without restricting the fun and functionality of the room. Kids need a rug to play on in their room. Cowhide rugs are free of toxins which makes them safe for kids to play on.

Many designers agree that the manner in which you decorate your foyer gives guests a sneak peak at what they can expect as they walk on into your home. One of the most impressive ways to make an immediate design statement is to place a cowhide rug in your foyer. Consider adding a faux animal head wall mount and interesting lighting to your foyer to make it unique.

If the previous foyer design idea is not your style, you might consider adding a metallic cow skin rug to the foyer. This rug would pair well with a chandelier, gold or silver framed mirrors and glass top or mirrored tables.

If you have deprived yourself of the pleasure of owning a cowhide rug, now is the time to treat yourself to one or more. Their beauty and versatility is amazing.