Home And Decoration Tips: Rugs - The Striking Point About Your Room!

Rugs - The Striking Point About Your Room!

Are you a decor freak? If you are one, you definitely need to experiment with a rug to decorate every corner of your house. A rug will increase the appeal of your rooms that will make you feel good. Add warmth to your room! Let it define your room!

Besides being all extravagantly stylish in terms of looks, the modern rugs are made of high quality material and provide us with high durability. While the sisal rugs are made up of sustainable sea grass that is completely standing out to be environment friendly, the wool rugs are also gaining equal importance. They are not just comfortable and warm but are also way cheaper than the ancient large wool rugs.

Ways to Embellish Your Room

Embellish your room with the help of rugs in the following ways:

  • It can be used effectively to separate the areas of your room like the dining room or the foyer. Give your large rooms a definition with the rug of your choice.
  • If you think geometrically, make sure you don't keep similar sizes of rugs in the same room. It visually cuts the room into two halves creating an unpleasing effect.
  • Let one rug in one room speak for itself. Even if you want to use more than one rug, keep in mind that the rugs should not complement each other but also bring out your sense of matchless styling.
  • The rugs that go with the colour scheme of the area will turn out to be perfect in place. Even if you add it later on, let the rug accent and bind itself together to the colour elements of the room.
  • Balance the tone of your room with the correct rug. If you have bright eye-catching wallpaper or upholstery, use a light subtle rug for the room and vice versa. Remember, maintaining contrast is very important.
  • Let it be the centre of attraction that can leave a huge impact on the visitors. You can try to create a design or paint your wall that accents the colour of your rug.
  • What about a rug hanging on your wall? It can be a unique way to create that focal point effect in your room. Pick up the best patterned rug and make it your wall hanging.
  • It is not necessary to have a rectangular rug for your room. Analyse the furniture of your room and then decide on the shape of the rug. At times, a square or an oval rug can form a superior imprint.
  • Based on the decision as to where you want to place your rug, decide on the size of it. Leave out space, lengthwise and width wise accordingly to let the rug stay in place.