Home And Decoration Tips: Places We Often Forget To Decorate

Places We Often Forget To Decorate

When someone is planning to decorate his house, the focus always remains on the bedrooms and the drawing-room. In most of the cases, he fails to take into account that there are some other rooms in the house which need an equal amount of makeover.

He often forgets about the kitchen, the washroom, the dining room and the hallway when he is arranging to remodel. These rooms do not have different requirements, but he needs to keep in mind a couple of vital things.


#1. Do not keep your kitchen dirty. Clean it every day.

#2. Cooking can be very enjoyable if the kitchen looks impressive. You can shift from the usual white-colored appliances. Black is a good option as it reflects a refined taste. It also goes well with almost any color.

#3. Scrub the surface of the refrigerator and remove any sticker or magnet from it.

#4. Color your cabinets keeping in mind the color of the walls and the floor.

#5. Organize all the appliances and utensils. Put them in their respective cabinets.


#1. Place a houseplant in your bathroom. This will not only refresh your spirit but also fill the room with its aroma. An orchid is a very popular option as a houseplant.

#2. You can keep scented candles if you do not like keeping houseplants inside the bathroom.

#3. Do not forget to keep a trendy looking rag outside the bathroom. Fix stylish rods and make waterproof cabinets inside the bathroom.

#4. Keep all the towels and bathrobe in proper places and well-organized.

Dining Room

#1. A table and a few chairs are the main furniture of a dining room. Therefore, you need to become careful while choosing them. They must look comfortable yet also have a sophisticated feel.

#2. Bring out your creative side. Add a vase that will match with the furniture. You can go for beautiful ceramic vases.

#3. If you want to make things look more lavish, then you need to add a chandelier over the dining table. If not a chandelier, then buy candle-stands, place them around the edges of the room, and get ready to have candle-lit dinners.

#4. Have a cabinet that will have the dishware.


#1. Most homeowners do not decorate the hallway. The biggest advantage is that you can become bold, and color the hallway any way you want. Make it vibrant to create a warm and feel-good atmosphere.

#2. Do not forget to have an umbrella stand, coat rack and shoe rack placed conveniently.

#3. Have shelves or cabinets made near the ceiling. You can use them to store anything you want.

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