Saturday, June 20, 2015

Creating a Stunning New Looking Lounge Without Repainting or Changing Wallpaper

The urge to update your lounge often hits all of a sudden and many can't wait to get started with new colours and styles yet really can't face stripping wallpaper or repainting once again before they are able to really get down to the fun of dressing a room differently. By painting, or papering if you must, in a neutral colour walls and doors may stay as they are while the content in the room may change to create a completely new and fresh look.

Create a Style Board

The first step to breathing new life into a room is to decide on what colour scheme and what style you wish to work with. Creating a style board, either physically using magazine cut outs and swatches or digitally using tools such Pinterest is a great way to find and collate interior design ideas.

Look Down

Many people look at the sofa, the top of the sideboards and around the room at or just below eye level when looking for places to inject colour and new textures into a room and forgot to look down to the floor. Changing a whole carpet or installing new flooring may be expensive however investing in good quality rugs in colours which co-ordinate with the rest of the room is a great starting point for your lounge makeover project.

Removable Wall Art Makes an Impact

The beauty of removable wall art installations is that when you decide to change the style or colour of your lounge again in the future they may be moved to another location, if taken down carefully or disposed of entirely. Wall stickers are a great example of temporary art which is both cost effective and flexible.

Shades of Soft Furnishings

Choose your soft furnishings carefully in order to create varying levels of colour and depth, incorporate patterns where appropriate, plan to utilise a number of different materials and textures and don't be afraid to mix and match shapes and sizes when it comes to cushions. Sofa throws will also completely transform a room without the need to blow your project budget.

Light up the Room in Style

The use of light is not limited to finding a decent looking ceiling lamp shade or fitting. Co-ordinating coloured lamps, wall lights, candles and more all add to the feel of the room as do cleverly placed mirrors which capture and reflect light around the room.

Consider the purpose of your room when it comes to lighting. If you regularly read or work a flexible lamp or stronger main light might be advisable. If you haven't already perhaps price up having a dimmer switch installed to dim and brighten lights as and when desired to suit the mood.

When you have neutral coloured walls and great quality furniture already in place changing the look of your lounge room is easier than you would think and is certainly more affordable when simply choosing new soft furnishings and home accessories.

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