Home And Decoration Tips: Creating a Relaxing Bedroom Atmosphere

Creating a Relaxing Bedroom Atmosphere

At the end of a busy day, whether you have been busy at work, running after children (or both) it is important to make time for yourself to wind down and relax. If then going up to bed and opening your bedroom makes you feel anxious or indeed anything but calm and looking forward to sleep then there is something wrong.

Are there clothes all over the room? Do you have piles of paperwork and other random items scattered about. Your bedroom need not necessarily be messy however without proper organisation the amount of clutter in a room may feel overwhelming. A few simple steps and some clever restyling and your bedroom may once more become the haven of tranquillity you need it to be.

Storage is the Answer

Bedroom storage needn't be unattractive, quite the opposite in fact. Modular bedroom furniture offers a wide range of options to enable you to personalise the way you store your clothing, cosmetics, papers, books and indeed anything else that finds a home in your bedroom.

Solid, great to look at and perfect for helping to create a clutter-free and calm environment, whether you prefer a completely clean and minimalistic look or do enjoy having favourite trinkets and pictures around you, this way of organising a room provides you with a number of flexible options.

Use Scent to Create a Calming Environment

A range of natural fragrances have been used for hundreds of years to promote healing, relaxation and sleep. Lavender and sandalwood are the obvious choices although there are a number of other essential oils which might be used. Steer away from chemical-based air fresheners and sprays, instead choosing fragrant and attractive pot pourri or using a few drops of essential oils.

Create the Perfect Bed for You

If you simply can't wait to dive into your bed then your bed is set up correctly. Quality linens, a luxurious feel, a colour which works in harmony with your room and plenty of cushions altogether create a sumptuous feeling which helps you to relax and drift off peacefully.

Ensure that you have the correct mattress type and that your sleeping pillows are as firm or as soft as required so that you wake up refreshed and without any aching.

Use Colour Creatively

A pure white bedroom may be just what you are looking for when using colour to create a relaxing atmosphere. If not consider what colours do make you feel calm and content and incorporate these into your bedroom design.

Lilacs, soft pinks and lavender shades are popular calming colours, as are muted greens, sunshine yellow and blues which remind us of the sea or a beautiful clear sky. Whatever your key colours are use decorative accessories, bed runners, cushions, lamps or even wall art to lift the room and make it your own.