Home And Decoration Tips: What Does the Decoration of Your Home Say About Your Lifestyle and Relationships?

What Does the Decoration of Your Home Say About Your Lifestyle and Relationships?

Whether we know it or not, our lifestyle and relationships can be read just like reading a journal simply by looking at our home decoration and style. Unconsciously we transform our home décor in a way that determines our friendships and relationships.

Below you will discover the 12 homes and what each style says about you and your relationships. See if you can point out the home you're living.

The Museum

Everything is intact and in place, and all decoration elements and furniture are placed like a showcase just like in a museum.

Relationships: The past is visible everywhere and nothing must change. No sound, no occupants and no kids, just adults. Love is gone or is in intangible. Friends and acquaintances are rare and those that exist must comply with your rigid rules.

The Warehouse

An almost abandoned home with things placed everywhere, no decoration harmony what's so ever, and everything is stacked in corners and places that don't belong.

Relationships: You gave up on life, and personal relationships simply don't exist. Functionality in every form has disappeared long time ago but has nothing to do with your economic condition but rather with personal misery. Kids might exist but are abandoned or are looking for affection from the community, outside of home. Romance has disappeared because of the chaos that exists.

The Hospital

Really minimal decoration with only necessities and no style whatsoever. Spaces remind you of a hospital and are formed in a way that serves illness and medical conditions.

Relationships: You either suffer from a chronic disease or are so afraid of obtaining one that you transformed your home into a hospital. Your relationships are people who are also suffering or afraid that something might ruin their health. Window rolls are down and lights are fully turned on. Thermometers, pressure gauges, boxes with medicines, medical examinations are the valuable accessories that consume the space. Topics of conversation are mainly about headaches, blood pressure, cholesterol and healthy eating. Normal childhood is not allowed. Love and romance is suspended forever and if by any chance happens it will have side effects. Touches are allowed only for body rubs and to seek pain outbreaks.

Lifestyle Magazine

Everything is flawlessly and well researched. Nothing slips away from the decorator's concept. The aesthetic and image that dominates does not allow for doubt.

Relationships: The show is set and it requires audience to cheer. Kids are making things difficult with their presence and are either postponed or become part of the show. Love is aesthetically perfect but substantially non-existing. Love only exists when other people are present.

The Battlefield

No harmony in décor, not style and a mix-match condition dominates in all space, from the bedroom to the little storeroom in the backyard. In some instances there might be separation lines, bathroom rules and personal kitchen cabinets.

Relationships: Intension, verbal and sometimes physical violence is part of everyday life. Rivalries, insults and devaluations make the home look like a battlefield. Everything is a reason for hostility breakout. Quietness is more threatening than intensity because it's the time for attack preparation. Each partner feels like their defending themselves but this result in attacking each other. Kids here are collateral victims. Alternatively, sex is really intense, just to ensure that the opposite parties will not lose interest in the war and walk away with a divorce.

Homely Corner

Warm colors and comfortable furniture are dominating each room. Food is always available and each bedroom has enquired the personality of its occupant.

Relationships: Warm, loving and sharing are the words best describing the people living in such a home. People are always welcomed for a visit. Positive feeling is spread everywhere but without being proclaimed. Kids are well taken care of. Romance is discreet but love prevails.

Day Nursery

Colorful walls with murals installed on them, light and playful decoration, a little messy but happy and a noisy atmosphere. Books and toys are spread all over the house in every table, desk and corner. Sport shoes are suffocating the front entrance.

Relationships: Kids are the main priority here. Partners exist only to play the role of the parent. Many kids, many cries and laughter overwhelm the environment. Children are the dominant occupants but also the torturers. Love and romance existed once upon a time, but after giving birth to the kids, romance is put aside for other priorities.

Creative Lab

Inspiration touches every decoration element and style. Nothing is the similar, wall painted with two or even three shades, creative mix-and-match décor style is applied in every room and original pieces of furniture and décor adorn the spaces.

Relationships: Each person has their personal space but is seeking to share. Food is inspiration and a gift. The continuous renewal is the result of personal development. Kids have acquired their own personality since they are born as the symbol of the occupants, love and respect for life. Love is flowing everywhere without names, in all the spaces and it's never the same love.

Airport Hotel

Minimal and practical are the two best words to describe an airport hotel styled home. Not unnecessary items exist and there's plenty of free space. Flowers and low-floor furniture decorate the rooms and colors are usually white or very light shaded.

Relationships: The occupants are concerned a whole lot about social recognition. The house is not in demand since most things happen outside of it. The minimum should be made, but with the least possible consumption of personal energy. Home only exists for security and relaxation, simply to be there went needed, when business or social failures occur. Kids are welcome as long as there's a maid or a grandmother to look after them. Love is present only when all other circumstances allow it to be.

The Hideout

Well secured home, with a traditional decoration style. Decoration is made on a budget and you won't find any designer furniture. Overall the hideout house type is a warm and secure cave.

Relationships: Society feels hostile and the house serves as a protective hideout for you and your family. Only few relatives and even fewer friends walk through the front entrance of home. Togetherness is important and autonomy is recognized as a threat. Kids when young love the warmth of the cave making them feel secure and needing, but when they're teens all sort of independency problems are generated. Romance is soothing making it necessary, but not exciting.

Passengers Joint

In this type of home you might find open doors but don't always expect the owner to be there. Necessary furniture is missing from this home and any decoration styling whatsoever is absent. In the beginning the home looked like a home of inspiration but through time it became a warehouse.

Relationships: Good intentions but without any commitment in relationships. Friends, close or not, feel like home, but kids don't feel comfortable living there. Romance comes and goes just like the passengers who visit the house.

The Lonesome

Separated spaces and uncoordinated décor is the first thing someone will notice when walking inside the house of the lonesome.

Relationships: Parallel lives, individual activities, limited expectations, ensconced sorrows, frozen rages. This is the place where couples are living together because they haven't got a choice. They despise each other but can't afford a divorce. Kids attempt to connect them with their presence or their own impairment. Love exists but lives someplace elsewhere.