Home And Decoration Tips: Is It Possible To Find Inexpensive Custom Picture Framing

Is It Possible To Find Inexpensive Custom Picture Framing

Inexpensive Custom picture framing is a question of relativity. Have you ever had "anything" custom-made that was inexpensive? The word custom implies that you will pay a premium for it simply because the item that you choose to have made must be created from scratch to your personal specifications.

Like anything else there are standard sizes for everything. There are off the rack sizes for clothing and shoes, standard sizes for tools and equipment, cookie cutter designs for homes, even standard meal choices for fast food.

Whenever you choose to create something that is outside of the ready-made, packaged floor model deal, you should expect to pay more for it, sorry. That doesn't mean you shouldn't get a fair price. Here are few tips on finding "relatively " inexpensive custom framing.

Decide on a realistic budget for your project

I saw a forum post where a man was asking about framing a 40x60 piece of fabric. He wanted an inexpensive frame and acrylic glazing (plexiglass). He didn't want to spend more than $100 for it. The problem here is that the glass alone would cost between $150 and $200, not to mention the frame and mounting something that large. Not a very realistic budget.

Take the time to work with your custom framer, weigh the options that you have in the choice of framing mats, mounting, etc. And then make a choice that fits within your budget. If you have time shop the project to a couple of different framers. Compare pricing.

Try to get an understanding of what the project entails.

A professional framer is going to do a little more than just open up a ready-made standard sized frame and stick your picture in it. Talk to your framer and find out how your piece will be prepared and mounted before it goes in the frame. What types of materials will be used in your project? Will you use archival materials or just standard? What's the difference?

The more educated you are on the project the easier it is to understand what a reasonable price is.

Using an existing frame

If you find a frame that you just can't live without, or maybe you have a frame from something else that you want to use, be aware that standard size frames may not accommodate a matted picture. You might also end up with a picture whose mats are not even because of your choice of a pre-made frame. Sometimes you might get lucky, the stars align and the frame you already have happens to fit your project.

By definition custom framing will be more expensive that simply purchasing a ready-made frame. But if you find a framer you trust, you can create a unique and beautiful frame design that you will be proud to hang and will fit within your budget.