Home And Decoration Tips: Oriental Rugs and Unique Ways You Can Display Them

Oriental Rugs and Unique Ways You Can Display Them

You want your home to look amazing, and your decor has a lot to do with how appealing your interior looks. If you want a classic appeal that draws the eye, learn how Oriental rugs can make a huge statement. They're not just for walking on- there are many unique ways you can display these wondrous artwork pieces in your house.

Wall Art

If you have large Oriental rugs or antique ones that you don't want people to step on, consider placing them on a wall as decorative art. Smaller carpets can be placed under glass for worry-free admiration, while larger pieces can be draped over entire sections of your wall. If you choose to do this, make sure you keep the sun rays from your windows from blazing directly on the fabric. Sunshine can break down the vibrant hues, particularly if your material is vintage or has silk fibers in it. You can dust them lightly with a brush to keep the fibers looking bright and luxurious.

Table Toppers

If you have smaller carpets, you can place them on a coffee table as a lovely topper. Oriental rugs that are thicker in design are surprisingly durable, and make excellent covers for tabletops and shelves. It's best to use this style of displaying if you have desks and tables that you don't often use, so you don't have to move your fabrics often. If you have a runner, you can place it on a longer table for entertaining guests, and use it for your floor during other occasions.

Bathroom and Kitchen

Yes, you can use Oriental rugs in these areas of your house, with caution. One of the things that deteriorate these precious materials most is moisture, so if you are using a 3'X5' or 4'X6' piece in this area, make sure you have a fan running for ventilation to prevent mold and moisture damage. In the kitchen, grease can be a worry, as it can clog the material and make it look dingy. Place your carpet in a low-traffic area of this space, such as behind your breakfast bar or in front of a china closet.

Caring for Your Oriental Rugs

You can vacuum these decorative displays as you would your other flooring accessories, but don't use traditional household chemicals on them so you can avoid destroying the vibrant hues and gorgeous colors. Always have these beautiful pieces professionally cleaned, especially if they are vintage, antique, or made of silk. If you are using them on your floors, choose styles that have thicker fabrics in them so they last longer against high foot traffic. As always, keep them free of moisture and sun, which both can damage the material.

These investment pieces are surprisingly versatile when used in your house. You can use them to accent any room by placing them on your wall or a tabletop. You can also use them in classic ways and have them placed in the middle of your floor for comfort and design. No matter how you choose to use them, their beauty always shines.