Saturday, May 23, 2015

How To Make Your Small Room Appear Big

Is your apartment small, but you would like to make it appear big? Here are tips on how to do it:

Lighten up

This is a well known tip, but many people don't put it into use. There are many ways in which you can achieve this. The most common ways include: using light, strategically hanging mirrors so that they faces a bright window, and using valance curtains and mini blinds.

When it comes to the floor, you should consider redoing the floor if it's your house; however, if you are a renter you should use a blight rug.

Be organized

To prevent the room from looking cluttered you should be organized. To calls for you to store things that you don't regularly use in a cabinet. If you use a lot of papers you should consider buying a filing cabinet to hold the loose papers and other important documents.

It's also wise that you maintain your room in good condition by making your bed every day. You should also clean the room every day. When cleaning the room always ensure that the clothes and shoes are in their right place.

Use clear furniture

Experts say that using furniture that is too large for a space makes a room appear smaller which is not what you like. If you have a room that is already cluttered, you shouldn't add another sofa. The best way of going about it is going for clear furniture. For example, you can invest in a coffee table.

You should also consider investing in multifunctional pieces. For example, you can buy a vintage steamer trunk or an ottoman with an in-built storage where you can store your books to ensure that your room has a clean look.

Tape off your ceiling

This is meant to give the impression that your ceiling is high which will make your house appear big. To achieve this you only need to tape off a portion of the ceiling about one foot away from where it meets each of the walls.

The extra border that you create forces people to take their attention away from the walls and focus on the ceiling.


These are tips on how to make your apartment interior appear bigger. By putting the tips into place you will most definitely create the illusion of a larger room. If you have problems you should consider hiring the services of an interior designer.

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