Saturday, May 23, 2015

How To Make Your Home Appear Comfortable

Do you own an apartment and wondering how to make it elegant and comfortable for everyone who steps inside it? Here are tips on how to do it:

Use soft, lighter colors for smaller rooms

It's common for small rooms to appear cramped even when they are not. If your apartment is small you should paint it with soft, lighter colors that will make it appear large in size. In addition to the colors you should also consider using mirrors that will give the optical illusion of space.

If your architect is designing a small room, you should ask him to include large windows that will allow plenty of light into the room.

Go green

Plants are ideal with both large and small apartments. If your apartment is small, you should avoid plants that are too large. The good side with plants is that in addition to making your room comfortable they are also inexpensive. They accessorize your space by adding color and texture. Plants also aid in absorbing pollutants and removing harmful gases.

Play with patterns

Here you need to mix patterns in order to make your space appear elegant and comfortable to live. This trick is ideal if your apartment is large.

You should also use different colors. For example, you can use brown for the floor, green for the tables, red for the chairs and white for the walls. For ideal results you should use big swaths of solid color to anchor the space. For example, you can use red chairs to anchor the space.

Accessorize the room

There are many items that you can use to accessorize the house. For example, you can use wicker baskets. In addition to accessorizing your space, the baskets also serve as storage spaces for books, magazines and toys.

You should place a number of baskets on the chimney. You can also hung plates on the walls to create an excellent wall art.

Mix your furniture

While you may want to look very modern, it's good to mix your modern furniture with vintage furniture. This will not only make you appear stylish, but it will also give your home a comfortable look.


These are tips on how to make your living space appear comfortable. If you are planning of constructing a house now, you should remember that an architect plays a major role in controlling the nature of your home; therefore, you should always tell him your ideas before he designs the house.

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