Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Five Fun Styles of Solar Fairy Lights for Your Garden

There is nothing that adds a touch of magic to a garden or patio like some pretty solar fairy lights, with these fun light features providing enough sparkle for all your garden parties and evening drinks outside in the summer.

Even when the weather gets colder and the nights get darker, adding some of these lights to your exterior space can make everything seem a little less gloomy. With that in mind, here are five innovative new designs on the market that are sure to lift the spirits, whatever the time of year.

It is first important to note that fairy lights come in a range of different colour bulbs, and it is crucial to make the right selection here first. After you have settled on a colour scheme that you like, you can then go on to customising them with different accessories to add extra interest to your garden.

Some of the main colours on the market are multi-coloured, cold white, warm white and pastel pink. There are often many more choices available, but this of course depends on the retailer of the products.

Our first suggestion for a great new fairy light product on the market is the Crystal Heart style of light. As with many solar fairy lights, once you have invested in the initial string of lights, you will then be able to personalise the feature to your taste with a number of different designs.

Similar to items already on the market such as the popular wicker heart, these 3D heart shapes can encase each single LED bulb and allow the heart to be illuminated for a soft and romantic effect. The Crystal Heart is made up of clusters of crystal-like transparent beads, which will give off a glittering, sparkling effect when the lights are switched on.

Another popular choice is the Star shaped fairy lights, which can either be bought as clip-on accessories like the Crystal Hearts mentioned above, or alternatively as a ready-made set. Instead of being made up from a cluster of crystals like the previous item, many Star lights on the market feature a completely transparent, smooth and almost glass-like appearance.

These star shapes encase each LED bulb, which will then give the effect of a shining star when lit up. These work well with warm white LED lights for a "starlight" appearance, or with multi-coloured lights for a fun and vibrant party atmosphere.

Our third suggestion of stunning new solar fairy lights on the market is the set of Solar Party Lanterns. Resembling miniature versions of traditional Chinese paper lanterns, these look fantastic strung up around decking or along rails and fences, and are generally available in a range of different colours to suit every taste and preference.

These are perfect for any kind of party, but are especially good for those where you want to create a colourful and uplifting atmosphere. Some of these lights even have a flashing disco function which can add even further to a great party ambience.

Perfect for winter are the Snowflake shaped solar fairy light accessories, which consist of a clear plastic snowflake shape that can be clipped right onto the string of lights of your choice. These are fantastic for creating a magical winter wonderland in your garden or in your yard throughout the festive season.

Last but not least, do not forget to try out the innovative Underwater solar fairy lights in your ponds or in your fountains. Specially designed to be placed underwater and give off a sparkling and shimmering glow, these very special lamps can transform any water feature into a spectacular sight. They can also be used with the above accessories for more fun and creative garden designs.

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