Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Modern Trends in Home Flooring

Flooring is an integral part of any room decor. Although you could go the traditional route with standard carpeting or hardwoods, new materials make strong impressions. Explore new options to update your home decor.

Luxury Vinyl

Don't overlook vinyl as a flooring choice. Today's vinyl is a far cry from the vinyl of yesteryear. Appropriately renamed "luxury vinyl," this material offers a high-end appearance with all of the durability you would expect from vinyl. Imagine a surface that closely replicates wood, stone, or tile without all of the moisture and wear concerns that come with these other materials.


Concrete is no longer relegated to the garage or patio. You can bring this surface indoors in a sleek and modern way. Concrete is available in numerous colors with additional textures and finishes. Concrete can be a cost-effective floor choice; however, many people do not find this surface to be comfortable over the long term.


Although bamboo has been a popular flooring choice for several years, newer innovations are making this material even more attractive. The enhanced hardness of bamboo makes it extremely durable. Strand-woven bamboo utilizes the inner fibers of the plant, which are about twice as hard as standard bamboo. You can even choose a wide-plank bamboo that looks similar to other hardwoods. Choose this material for rooms other than bathrooms and kitchens to avoid moisture damage.

Reclaimed Hardwood

Think outside the traditional when it comes to hardwoods. Reclaimed timber, from old doors or other construction, adds a distinctive hand-hewn appearance to any room. A major advantage of this flooring material is its affordability. Salvaging lumber can enable you to cut costs in a big way. This type of wood also resists moisture damage more than other types of wood.

New Tile Sizes

Tiles have been supersized in a big way. Impressive tiles as large as 3-foot squares or 12-inch by 24-inch rectangles are making their way into the mainstream. These larger sizes have some important advantages for the homeowner. More tile surface means fewer grout lines to maintain. It's important to proceed with professional installation for larger tiles due to their heaviness. It's also important to have a perfectly level surface for this installation.


When comfort is a priority, cork is a surface to consider. Cork offers effective sound insulation and comfort, making it a winning option. A variety of color choices are available with beautiful finishes to enhance any room. Take care after installation to avoid water damage and sun exposure, which could lead to unsightly warping and fading.

Give your home an updated appearance by seeking new and trendy flooring options. Many of these surfaces are not expensive, yet they offer distinctive looks that will set your rooms apart from common decor. Homeowners leaning toward green substances can also find a wealth of newer and trendy options. Materials are available to fit virtually any budget and style.

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