Home And Decoration Tips: Key Considerations To Keep In Mind When Buying Voile Curtains

Key Considerations To Keep In Mind When Buying Voile Curtains

Voile curtains are one of the most popular kinds of window treatments today. This is because like net curtains, they are sheer and light in texture and they come in many styles. Unlike net curtains though, they come in different attractive colors.

Although voile curtains are light and transparent, in the daytime, they are can protect you and residents of the house from wandering eyes. This type of curtain also makes it difficult for passing pedestrians to see what is inside the house and who is at home in the hours of daylight.

When investing in voile curtains, there are certain important considerations you should keep in mind to make sure you will be buying the right ones for your home. These include the following:

• If you value privacy in your home, go for darker colors of voile curtains. They make it harder for people outside to see the interior of your home. However, darker curtains may block more light so be smart when choosing the final color of this window covering product.

• Voile curtains are easily seen from outside; as such, pick a color that also matches the exterior of your home. Interior design experts say colored transparent voile hangings can be doubled up to create unique lighting patterns inside a room.

• If you want to hang voile hangings over a thicker set of draperies, go for a color that complements the second set of curtains. Generally speaking, voile drapes that are a shade lighter than the other curtains or that are the same color as a subtle element in the pattern chosen for the outer curtains will add wonders to the interior appeal of your home.

• Fabrics of voile curtains come in varying thicknesses. If the voile drapes will be used on its own, choose a thicker fabric, like cotton. You can also consider buying a double width of a sheer, delicate fabric so that you can bunch the fabric together to add an extra layer for privacy.

• Finally, make sure the voile curtains that you buy should be big enough to cover the window where they will hang. This is an important tip to follow since by doing so, you can create the desired draped or textured effect. Home improvement experts recommend that you use a retractable tape measure to measure your window so that you will get accurate results. Using the retractable tape measure, measure the width of the curtain across the breadth of the window on the outside of the window frame. If a curtain rail is already installed, measure the curtain rail instead. To get the right length, measure from the top outer edge of the window to where the curtain should fall. You can also measure the curtains in place if they are the perfect length and use this as your guide in buying your voile drapes.