Monday, August 3, 2015

Ideas for Arranging Bedroom Furniture

You could spend a third of your life or more sleeping, so you should be comfortable during this time. Arranging your bedroom furniture is an important task to ensure that this space is restful. With an eye on details, you can take simple steps to create a pleasant bedroom.

Situate the Bed

The bed is likely the focal point of this area, so place this item into the room first. The general rule of thumb is to place this piece at the center of the largest wall. This may be the wall opposite the door. You could experience difficulties due to windows or doors. If necessary, you can also situate this piece off-center or at an angle in a corner. Once you have this focal point in place, you can arrange the rest of the bedroom furniture around it.

Balance Remaining Pieces

Remaining furniture must fit in around the focal point to balance and complement it. Most people will place a nightstand on either side of the bed. Nightstands can be a matched set, or they might be different styles of decor. The main consideration for a nightstand is the height. Make sure you can reach the light and objects on this surface easily while lying down. Consider placing another large item opposite the bed to counterbalance the focal point. Many people choose an entertainment center or a large dresser for this purpose.

Fill Spaces Carefully

Not all empty spaces need filling with bedroom furniture. An empty wall might benefit from a large dresser, but this is not mandatory. You could also focus on adding artwork to the wall and a small wing chair. If you have an empty corner, try a tall dresser for additional storage. Remember to consider the way you use this room. If you use it solely for sleep, then keep it simple and restful. If you also watch television or read here, make sure you decorate it for both function and comfort.

Adding Accessories

Accessories give the room personality and make it uniquely yours. Choose colors that you love for a quilt or spread. Add throw pillows and a blanket. Keep window treatments functional and able to block out the sunlight if needed. Avoid excessive clutter, because this can make the overall space seem smaller. If you don't have wall-to-wall carpeting, add a soft area rug.

Bedroom furniture need not be expensive or fancy to make this space comfortable and pleasant. Consider the pieces you need and build around those to outfit the entire arrangement. Attention to detail will help you create a room for rejuvenation and reenergizing.

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