Home And Decoration Tips: How Is Granite Countertop Installed?

How Is Granite Countertop Installed?

You have planned out your new kitchen. You have selected the flooring, picked out the cabinets, purchased the hardware and have chosen the granite. Now, it is just the waiting. But it will be worth it. After all, once your granite countertops are installed, the room will be complete and you will soon be showing off that beautiful space!

But the waiting... yes, impatience is to be expected! But then, once the day that the granite countertop installation arrives, what can you expect? After all, there's a kitchen to be enjoyed!

Granite countertop installation is certainly not a job for the novice or even the experienced DIY-er. It is a specific process that doesn't leave room for error. It requires specific tools and knowledge thus making it a job for the pros. But, it doesn't hurt to have an idea of what to expect for a granite countertop installation.

· As part of the ordering process, your granite installation team has already been to your home and made a template of the space where the granite countertop is to be installed. That template will be used at the shop to cut the piece of granite the proper size.

· Once the template is made, it is wise for you to visit the granite fabricator's shop and let them know which part of the stone you want to use for your countertops. Don't try to take the easy way and make your selection via email and text. Go to the shop. This will give you a better visual of how the finished product will look.

· If you are having granite countertops installed in an existing kitchen, then typically the installer will ask that you have any appliances pulled out. If you are having a new sink installed along with the countertop, then often they will ask you to have that removed as well.

· When the big day arrives, your fabricator will bring the cut slabs to your home and set them in place. They will use a variety of products such as silicone and hardeners (for around the sink) and see that the seams are as invisible as possible. Once they countertops are in place, you usually have to wait at least 24 hours before the sink faucet and drains can actually be installed.

Granite countertop installation is a detailed process that require one to fully understand how to place your stone without damaging the stone or your kitchen.