Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Simplest Tips Ever for Bathroom Renovation

When it comes to updating the bathroom, architects give you certain steps you should follow. But these are not always up to your taste. By completing the project in an orderly manner you can save yourself from the hassles of clean ups and blunders later on. The operations depend on the degree to which you are planning to update your bathroom.

The following steps should guide you to update your bathroom without it becoming unified.

1) How to make the Preparations: The first thing is to make a clear and concise plan regarding your bathroom update. Go through the magazines, books, internet etc to decide what and how you need to change. Visit a local home improvement store with exact measurements and specifications of your bathroom. Nothing is more annoying than trying to purchase stuff without measurements and then making replacements. Purchase everything in advance for your remodeling endeavor.

2) Begin at the Top: It does not matter whether you are demolishing bathroom wall or just repainting it, you should always begin at the top of the room. It is advised to update your ceiling first, then walls and lastly take on the flooring. These steps can help you prevent damage to the newer elements in the bathroom. For instance, installing a new hardwood floor and then painting the walls will ruin the newly laid floor. By completing the walls and ceiling before you move to the floor, costly mistakes can be avoided.

3) Replace the Fixtures and Features: Updating or repairing existing fixtures and features is one of the important phases of the remodeling process. Consider buying new shower heads and faucets. If your budget is quite tight, you can simply make a difference by repairing leaky faucets. It is important to update your current mirrors and shower doors. You can make your old mirror look brand new by simply giving a fresh coat of paint or changing the frame. Also, update your sanitary hardware to change the overall appearance of the area.

4) Hire a Professional Residential Architect: The installation and replacement operations require the help of professional architects. Ask for referrals from friends and family and search on the internet to find the one most suitable for your project.

5) Use of Accessories: Add new accessories like new towel hangers, soap dispensers and cloth hangars to give a final definition to the updated bathroom.

These tips from experienced architects help you in remodeling your bathroom by taking one step at a time and ensure you that it's being done right.

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