Saturday, July 18, 2015

Secret of Making Your Home More Beautiful

Well to be frank there are no set rules for decorating your home. People who have creative insights and love to imagine, explore and dream just by following their inner self or what we call intuition, are the ones known as creative people. Below are some of the tips or secrets which will help you in decorating your home. These are the tried things which never fail and can be done easily in a day's time.

• Select the wall paint in the end: The market is full of paint colors with various tints, shades and tones. The appearance of the same shade may vary from home to home; it's because of the variation in light sources. So it's better to pick the color in the end after shifting your stuff, so that you can imagine how the paint will look with your stuff.

• Provide proper breathing space for your furniture: This means never ever overcrowd a room with furniture or other items. Instead of buying many things its better if you choose few but quality products.

• There is a rule to hang the artwork in your room, don't match the height with the mansions height, but match it with the human scale.

• There are three ways of arranging furniture on a rug: If you want to have a luxurious look, put all the furniture's legs on top of the rug. If you have a small room then keep the legs off the rug which is very cost effective. Lastly you can put the front feet of all your seating furniture's on the rug so that it looks cozy and more structured.

• Decide which item will be your star and let others get the secondary attention.

• Keep the focal point of one room free from other so that you feel being drawn in between them.

• Hang or put only those art pieces which goes with the surroundings, don't hang any piece which doesn't fit in.

• While buying anything for your house decoration, keep in mind the variation of scale else some items which you find good in the stores may look big or tiny in your house.

• To enhance the decorations you can add layers of lighting which will create interest, intrigue and variety. You can use some ambient lighting as well as some lower lighting.

Using these tips, you can easily decorate your home on your own within no time.

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