Home And Decoration Tips: Renovations: Get The Best Bang for Your Buck

Renovations: Get The Best Bang for Your Buck

Folks, renovation dollars being spent today are on different projects than they used to be. I can recall when being asked where to spend the best dollar to upgrade the home I would say the kitchen, bathroom, great room and so on. Recently reading a number of magazines and newsletters it appears that things are changing. The trend is more to cosmetic enhancements that cost less to do but add a tremendous value in appearance.

For example doors, windows and trims add not only visual value but also efficiency and comfort. Another new trend is for great rooms and or entertainment areas to move from inside the house to outdoors in the form of decks, outdoor kitchens and/or barbeques. Outside entertainment areas are very popular as they are not stuffy or closed in. Some older homes have a lot of potential in the upper roof cavity by using this space to add a loft, play room or extra guest bedroom.

Over the years we have spent many hours or days stripping the finish off garage doors which of course is one of the first things you see when you look at most houses. Why not forget all that sweat equity and change the door to a prefinished metal insulated door adding efficiency, warmth and character to your home. You can add even more character by picking a theme such as a western ranch style complete with heavy fake hinges and handles for added esthetics.

The kitchen has always been a money pit for remodeling especially if you have an older and want to tear out all the cabinets and change the layout. Consider spending less by painting the existing cabinets and counter tops until you have familiarized yourself with your newly acquired home. You can do the major renovation/replacement of your kitchen when you have had time to see how the area flows.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article you can see that the home improvement market has changed over the years from major changes and construction costs to more economical projects such entry door systems to minor kitchen renovations.