Home And Decoration Tips: One Wall Makeover Ideas

One Wall Makeover Ideas

With a small touch of creativity and hard work, you can easily transform your walls by adding beauty and functionality. Here are some of the finest one-wall remodeling ideas you could try out.

Create a Comfortable Nook

If you have a wall that is just there, you can have it remodeled and recessed to incorporate features such as shelves, drawers, or a day bed among other things. It is important that you understand the utilities in the house such as electric wires and pipes that may be within the wall before you begin this project. It is also recommended that you bring in professional contractors for this.

Compartmentalizing a Wall

That is excellent for a wall located in high-traffic areas of the house. Using materials such as bearded boards, you can easily create distinct zones for different purposes. You could, for instance, have one area with hooks and another with shelves creatively positioned at various heights on the wall. Such zones could be perfect spots for shoes, coats and other small loose ends in the house.

Add a Bar Area

You don't have to get a full-size console table explicitly. You only need a narrow spot close to the table and two narrow shelves. Create enough space for several wine bottles and glasses. You could even repurpose some rolling cabinets into extra seating areas as well as additional storage units.

Create a Customized Storage Space

Here, you do not even have to call in contractors. Just get a tall rectangular garage pegboard and place it on the wall. This gives you countless storage opportunities that you can exploit. You can hang your gardening tools, party supplies, kitchenware and many more. This is an extremely versatile storage unit that can be made even more flexible by incorporating a rolling cart for greater mobility.

Reusing Lost Wall Spaces

You know that small corner in your house that you completely forgot about? This could also be a between-room area that isn't put into much use. Such a wall could be remade into a practical and lovely display space. Add several narrow recessed shelves and use them to display your vast array of photos and family treasures. You can also add a deep bench inclusive of storage cabinets to act as a seating storage area.

Create a Mudroom Space

You can quickly turn a wall in the hallway into a dedicated spot for stashing away coats, shoes and bags among other accessories. Simply bring in cubby holes, drawers, a bench, and doors. For this project, be ready to deal with lots of woodwork.