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Making Your Laundry Room Fun: Decorating Tips

If there's one chore that nearly everyone hates, it's laundry! The sorting, the washing, the drying-not to mention the ironing and then finally putting everything away. It's a never ending task that's always there -- just as soon as you think you have it all done, someone takes off a pair of socks and it starts all over again! However, laundry, while necessary, doesn't have to be boring! Use these tips to create a space that's fun and you might not find yourself dreading this chore quite so much.

Use A Fun Paint Colour

If you're going to be in your laundry room for a while, you need to make it fun! If you like fun and unusual colours, but your partner prefers more tranquil shades for the rest of your home, compromise by making your room your own personal haven for creativity. Consider shades like a fun and flirty purple, a robin's egg blue, a sunny yellow, or even a bright peach. Beware of going too dark with your paint colours though -- oftentimes these spaces are on the smaller side and a very dark shade can overwhelm a small room.

Add In Smart Storage

If you have a no-frills laundry room that tends to collect clutter, make sure everything has a place! Add in some cabinets so you're able to stash everything away and out of sight. The difference will amaze you. Suddenly your space will look organized and clutter-free. If you have the space, consider making some of the shelving open instead of closed off with doors. This way you can use decorative baskets and other touches that will really pull the look together.

If your room is large enough, consider adding in a benchtop and a bar for hanging clothes. You'll be able to easily fold clothes, towels, and even larger bed linens on the benchtop, and the hanging bar will enable you to take clothing from the washer or dryer to the hanger immediately, streamlining the process and making your chore take up less time.

Consider Adding A Retractable Clothes Line Or Hanging Spot For Your Ironing Board

Whether you prefer to air dry all your clothing or you have just one or two pieces that shouldn't see the inside of a dryer, a retractable clothing line can make it easy to hang dry items indoors. Making one doesn't have to be difficult though! If you're handy, there are multiple designs online that are perfect for DIYers. However, if you're not the handy type, consider purchasing an indoor clothes line that's already made.

Also consider a special spot to hang your ironing board. Many times, items that are hung to dry need to be pressed in order to look their best, and a hanging bracket on your wall will help ensure that you always know where your ironing board is located.

Whether you're moving to a brand new home or you've been in your house for a while, there's no reason to neglect your laundry area! Chances are good that you spend quite a bit of time in there, and decorating it using these tips can make it a great looking, yet functional space.