Home And Decoration Tips: How to Maximize Space in Small Apartments

How to Maximize Space in Small Apartments

There are a lot of perks to living in a big city. You're located close to tons of restaurants, shops, and cafes, and will always be able to find something to do. A downside to city living, however, is dealing with small living areas. Apartments in many cities are relatively small, with many being one-room studios. Tight quarters are often the tradeoff for living in a great location. If this is a sacrifice you're willing to make, you'll have to get creative with utilizing your space in a way that makes it feel bigger than it actually is. Read on for some tips on maximizing your home.

Create Zones

Think about the different things that you do. You might work, sleep, relax, or entertain all in the same location. The key to creating separate areas for all of these activities is establishing zones for them. You can use subtle demarcations to help the room seem larger and to create visually separate areas. Try creating multiple seating areas in distinct sections or by put curtains or drapes around your bed to differentiate sleeping from living space. You can even use different paint colors to signify the separation in rooms.

Utilize Furniture With Multiple Uses

Choose furniture and pieces that can multitask. Find a table that can also work as a desk or dressing table, and consider purchasing a sleeper sofa or daybed that can transition into a sleeping area for guests. A storage ottoman can serve as seating, a small table, or a place to hide unsightly items. Nesting tables, secretaries, and flip-top tables are also great options for small apartments.

Use Bigger Furnishings

This tip may seem counter intuitive, but putting just a few larger items in a small space can feel more spacious than cluttering the area with tons of smaller pieces. That being said, don't be afraid to fill up your space. Rooms look bigger with furniture than without. Another place where it's great to go full size is with curtains. Floor-length curtains can trick the eye into believing the room contains floor-length windows.


If you plan to spend a long time in your tiny space, it's worth it to invest in some custom pieces. Furniture-makers can create custom items that will fit perfectly into your tiny room and provide added functionality to your home. These include built-ins, storage nooks, and customized furniture. If these bespoke pieces perfectly fit into your home, you can be assured that you're utilizing every possible inch of square footage.

Think Vertically

A common design mistake in both houses and apartments by not utilizing the area between the ceiling and the tops of furniture. You can make use of this with high-mounted or hanging elements, like shelves and bookcases. If you're able to customize, make sure your cabinets and bookcases go all the way to the ceiling.

Even though you may have to get creative, there are definitely benefits to living in small apartments. For example, you don't have as much to clean! No matter what size your property is, if you take the time to personalize it, it's always worth going home to.