Home And Decoration Tips: How to Install Wall Stickers

How to Install Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are a great way of decorating your room at little cost. In addition to being cost effective, they are also easy to install. For you to have ideal results you need to install the stickers properly. Here are tips on how to install them:

Prepare The Wall

To create an ideal surface for installation you need to prepare the wall. You should remove any mud or dust that might be there and then let the wall dry thoroughly before you do the installation.

Remember that the color of the wall greatly determines how the wall sticker will look after installation; therefore, you need to ensure that you like the color of your wall. If you don't like the current color of the wall you should repaint it.

Arrange The stickers

Once the wall is clean, you should arrange the stickers on the wall in order to see how the wall will look like once you are through with the installation. You should lay out the design of the stickers and then use painter's tape to apply them on the wall. You should feel free to play around with the design until you are satisfied with the look.

Apply The Stickers

Before you install the wall stickers should first smooth them and ensure that they don't have any air bubbles. To remove the air bubbles you should start smoothing them from the edges using your hand. After doing this, you should rub them using a hard, flat object such as a squeegee.

After removing the air bubbles you should now install the stickers. After installation, you should remove the top layer of the sticker. To prevent the sticker from sticking on itself you should first peel away part of the backing and then peel the rest during installation.


These are tips on how to install wall stickers. As mentioned, you should ensure that the wall is thoroughly clean for the sticker to stick perfectly. For ideal results, you should always plan ahead. For example, you should arrange the stickers in different configurations and identify the ones that look good for your room

If you are working with large stickers, always ask a friend to help you out. This is to avoid damaging the sticker. If you are operating on a large budget you should consider hiring a professional to do the installation for you.