Home And Decoration Tips: Creative Decorating Options With Rugs

Creative Decorating Options With Rugs

Rugs can have a strong visual impact on a room. Not only do they add color, texture, and interest to the decor, but they can also add surprising and unexpected elements. When you really want to make an interior space come alive with energy, look to the floor to help you achieve this goal.


When you combine several layers on the floor, you increase your options for both texture and color. Layering also enables you to design a unique and individual decorating scheme that is unlike any other space. Try a sisal or jute surface on the bottom in a neutral color to anchor the room. On top, add a bright or bold soft layer in wool to bring a splash of color. For optimal effect, make sure the bottom layer is between 12 and 18 inches larger than the top layer to create a vivid contrast. You can also mix and match patterns and hues in a playful way. If the top layer has an irregular shape, this adds extra interest. Layering can also be economical due to the combination of smaller pieces instead of one large rug.


Patterns come in a wide array of colors and designs. Animal patterns can simulate animal hides such as zebras or cheetahs. Bold geometric patterns compliment contemporary rooms. Consider options such as optical illusions, zigzags, intersecting lines, and abstract patterns in monochromatic or bright color schemes.

Odd Shapes

Move past the standard shapes such as circles and rectangles and consider innovative and odd shapes instead. Cutouts add visual interest to an otherwise standard surface. Irregular borders can add an unusual touch as well.

Simulated Surfaces

Bring the outdoors inside with lush rugs that look like moss or grass. These attractive pieces can inject an enjoyable natural element into interior spaces with their hues of green, gray, and brown. Irregular and sculpted surfaces that resemble grass, stones, or other outdoorsy things can be great additions to modern decorating schemes. Place a rug of simulated pebbles on the floor for a different feel.

Placement Options

The placement helps design a space, too. Instead of placing it in the center of a room, position it off center for an unexpected result. You can also define a seating area with the addition of floor coverings.

Kids' Rooms

When decorating a space for the younger set, let your creativity soar. You could show a topical map of an area with varying surfaces for roadways and landscapes. Vehicles could drive on the low-lying surfaces with grass and tree landscape areas surrounding the roadways. For artistic kids, flooring in vivid colors, even showing off bright colored pencils or crayons, might be the ideal addition.

Once you add floor covering to a room, you can accessorize with a variety of other items such as pillows, throws, artwork on the walls, and trinkets for the horizontal surfaces. You might be amazed at how dynamic and unusual rugs on the floor can pull a whole room together.