Home And Decoration Tips: Countertop Options for Kitchen Remodeling Are Endless

Countertop Options for Kitchen Remodeling Are Endless

Kitchen remodeling is an improvement that can add significant value to your home. It is also one of the most expensive projects a homeowner can undertake. Selecting the right countertops is crucial to the success of your kitchen remodeling project. Along with your cabinets, they are usually one of the first things someone will notice about the room. They are also one of the most expensive components of the renovation, comprising about 10 percent of your budget. Fortunately, in addition to the old standbys, design trends over the last decade or so have driven the popularity and accessibility of new alternatives to traditional materials that are equally functional and beautiful.

The most popular choices for countertops have traditionally been those made of natural stone, particularly granite. This surface has been popular for so long because it's durable and heat resistant. Additionally, it comes in a variety of beautiful colors and it looks expensive. There are a number of advantages to opting for granite. However, some homeowners and designers believe that granite has had its moment. There are other natural stone options that offer the same advantages as granite but with a completely different look.

Recently, homeowners opting for a natural surface for their countertops have been looking to surfaces like marble, soapstone, or copper. Marble is an elegant material available in a range of colors. Some designers and homeowners love marble for the way it ages because it scratches and stains easily; however, others see this feature as a disadvantage. Marble is a favorite among bakers because it is cool to the touch, perfect for working with dough. Another natural option is soapstone. Almost always black or dark in color, cooks love soapstone because it is an excellent heat insulator. Its finish is subtler than granite. Finally, copper is another option for homeowners who want to use a natural material. Copper is easy to maintain. It is considered a living material because over time, it transitions to reds, blues and greens, which add character. Additionally, some copper alloys have natural antimicrobial properties.

Recently, an increasing number of homeowners have opted for manmade surfaces for their countertops. These materials are a less expensive alternative to natural stone, and are just as attractive. Another advantage to using manmade materials is that the homeowner has greater control of the look of the surface. Many homeowners are choosing concrete countertops because they are highly customizable. Colored glass or stones can be incorporated into the mix and pigments. Stains, and dyes can also be added for a particular look or texture. Engineered quartz is another option that lends itself to a customized kitchen. It is made of resin, ground quartz and pigments, and can be manufactured in nearly every shade. Quartz is also durable and nonporous. Additionally, there are many more options for customizable countertops.

There are so many countertop options for your kitchen remodeling, you are more likely to have trouble narrowing your options than trying to find a functional material that suits your decor. Work closely with a designer to learn about how you can customize your kitchen.