Monday, July 6, 2015

Avoid Emergency Home Repairs With These Tips

A lot of people sit back and wait until something goes wrong in their house before they get it repaired. But if you actually calculate the cost of repairs, you will realize that it works out to be much cheaper to just get everything in your house checked and maintained properly instead of emergency home repairs. Not only will this save you money in the long term but your house will generally function a lot better and you can enjoy your home instead of struggling with problems that keep popping up.

List of Places to be Maintained

The Bathrooms: Cracks in the bathroom walls can create a lot of problems. Since there is so much water flowing through pipes, a lot of leakages take place. This then spreads to the rest of the house. Get all the fixtures, walls, tubs and sinks checked once a year. Cover up any cracks and make sure the waterproofing is done correctly.

The Roof: Roof repairs can cost a bomb if you suddenly get a hole in the roof or it starts to leak. Fall is the best time to hire someone to get up on the roof and check it properly. This will keep you warm and safe during the winter and save you a lot of future trouble.

Tiles and Walls: Mold tends to collect under the tiles and at the edges of walls. Having to replace tiles and keep painting your walls will cost a fortune. Get them checked regularly so that you can catch the mold before it spreads and treat it so that the walls and tiles stay dry.

Drains and Gutters: We often forget to look in the places that can't be seen easily. So even though we may notice some mold on the bedroom wall, we probably won't notice a leakage in the gutter on the outer wall of the house. Cleaning the drains and gutters once a year is very hygienic and it keeps out a lot of bacteria and smell. It's better to get it checked than suddenly have dirty water getting blocked and flowing into the house!

Devices to be Maintained

• Check your HVAC before every spring so that it works properly and smoothly.
• Fix any broken smoke detectors and check them yearly to protect your house from fires.
• Stain your deck every year to keep it looking great and prevent moss from growing.
• Clean all air ducts and replace the air filters.
• Keep a check on the light bulbs and lamp shades so that they are clean and working all the time.
• Fix any small leak as soon as it starts, before it turns into a major leak and destroys half your house.

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