Home And Decoration Tips: Are Formica Countertops Right for You?

Are Formica Countertops Right for You?

While many decorators look down on using formica countertops as a lesser choice in home décor, the reality us that formica is a great choice and for many reasons. But perhaps the most important one is that with formica, one can get the look of all the high end countertop choices but a significantly lower cost. Yes, granite, marble, quartz and other may scream elegance, but with those stones come a great deal of work. In fact, even counter choices such as butcher block are not without their drawbacks.

So what is it about formica countertops that makes them so appealing to homeowners all across the country? Well, in a time were budgets are required to stretch farther than ever before, many home owners are opting for countertops that look great but without taking out half the building/remodeling budget. Formica offers just that.

Depending on where one lives and the style of formica one chooses, formica will range from as low as $14 to $27 per square foot. So, for a kitchen than would cost $5,000 to do with marble countertops, using a marble patterned formica, you can get the same look for around $850, leaving you quite a bit of money to put into furnishings or appliances.

Not only is formica affordable, but it also comes in a long list of colors and patterns. Do you want the appearance of butcher block? No problem, you can find formica that mimics it exactly. Are you keen on giving the illusion of black granite? You can have it. From the basic colors to the elaborate, and the standard speckled look to wood grains or natural stone, there are formica countertop choices to meet your wants.

It's versatile. Formica can be used in kitchens and bathroom alike. You can have it cut into any shape or size you want and with minimal seaming needed-after all, your are not as locked with size as you would be with a precut stone! You can even mix and match piece within the same section---try doing that with a slab of granite! It's versatility means that you can choose the colors and finishes (there are quite a few of these!) based on what you want.

However, perhaps the best thing about formica countertops is that it is exceptionally low maintenance. Simply wipe it off with a damp cloth. No special cleaners are need, you don't have to be concerned about acidic spills causing it to stain, there is no fear of it chipping or cracking and, in a pinch, can be used as a cutting board without fear of damaging the knife as would happen if one were to use a granite countertop in lieu of a cutting board. (Of course, that doesn't mean one would want to make it a habit to use formica as cutting board!)

Yes, formica countertops are the perfect product for the home owner who wants to have a great looking, easily maintained space but at a fraction of the price.