Saturday, July 4, 2015

8 Quick Tips for a More Beautiful Kitchen

Planning your kitchen should take some time... it needs to be well thought out so that you make the most of the space. If you plan it well, you will be more likely to stay on budget. Here are some tips to organize it:

Tip 1: Study the construction of your kitchen:

How wide is your doorway into the kitchen? If you have a large fridge, would it be able to get in the doorway? You should draw your kitchen with measurements for doorways, walkways, counters and of course the height, too.

Tip 2: Lighting:

It can make the kitchen looks wider and brighter. This will ensure your safety and efficiency. These are two different types of lighting you can have in the kitchen:

Task Lighting:

Because the area under your cabinets is often dark, it is recommended that you get more light for this work area by using "under cabinet" lighting. These are lights that are installed under your cabinets.

At least two fixtures per task area are suggested to eliminate shadows and darkness. Pendant lights are excellent for islands and other counters without low cabinets. Also, track lights and recessed lights are fine over sinks and general prep areas with no cabinets overhead.

Ambient lighting:

Flush-mounted ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, and track lights produce overall lighting in the kitchen. Include dimmer switches so you can control the intensity of the lighting, as needed.

Tip 3: Install cabinets that can reach the ceiling:

Although they may cost more; you will have more valuable storage space for your stuff. Also, you will not have to clean the cabinet tops.

Tip 4: Install Corner cabinets:

Fortunately, smart kitchen cabinet manufacturers can find ways to add light sources for these cabinets. These cabinets are a combination door and drawer - swinging open the door to get with it all the stuffing of your corner cabinet.

Tip 5: Hang it up:

Build up small, closed, shelving units on available wall areas. You can use the inside to hang stock pots and large skillets.

Tip 6: Remember your Ceilings:

Add a texture or maybe a pop of color with a different color paint or tile. Your ceiling tiles can be used to mimic the look of antique tin tiles or they can be like laminate floor surfaces that can be painted with any color to fit your kitchen decoration.

Tip 7: Upgrade your kitchen's energy efficiency:

Install new energy-efficient appliances can be the most popular kitchen update, such as a dual-fuel range with convection double ovens, a water-saving paneled dishwasher, and a high-tech range hood.

Tip 8: Paint it:

A fresh coat of paint can really freshen up your walls, ceilings and cabinets with nice, warm colors. It is one of the most efficient, budget-friendly updates.

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