Home And Decoration Tips: 50 Simple Ideas That You Can Start Implementing Today to Make That Eventual Move Much Easier

50 Simple Ideas That You Can Start Implementing Today to Make That Eventual Move Much Easier

You don't need to invest a lot of time or money to stay organized. For those of us who tend to be a little domestically challenged, these tips should be a nice start.

1. Don't spoil the fruit... reduce fruit and veggie spoilage! Rotate your produce. Put just bought produce under older produce or behind older produce. Stop throwing away your money via spoiled fruit.

2. Keep fresh garlic and onions in clean knee-high nylons which you can hang in a cool, dry spot in your pantry. Or, you can place a small hook in your cupboard and hang there.

3. Love buying those huge wholesale club bags of dog or cat food? Is there pet food everywhere? Use a metal trashcan to store on bag at a time.

4.Use a cardboard six pack container to carry condiments from kitchen to backyard or deck.

5. Pack away all your instruction manuals in one binder and keep in kitchen or pantry.

6. Use old baby food jars as cute little spice containers. Stash them in a drawer upside down for a chic look.

7. Stuff take out menus in a Ziploc freezer bag and stash them in a kitchen drawer.

8. Place a paper tray on kitchen counter where family members can drop-off important papers like permission slips, or mail requiring immediate action.

9. Use a recharging station to keep all your devices charged up and cords out of the way and untangled.

10. Keep an inventory sheet on refrigerator door where you can add items to as they finish. When you're going out shopping, just grab list and go.

11. Refurbish an old wooden step ladder to hold bath and hand towels.

12. You can also keep a fresh stash of bath towels in a wicker basket.

13. Use shower caddies, but don't over clutter. Keep the basics, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel.

14. Keep cleaning products in a caddy in bathroom cabinet.

15. Assign kids towel sets by color. Makes putting away laundry a breeze.

16. Use small jam jars to keep cotton balls/swabs and other essentials in vanity drawers.

17. Install hotel-style double towel bars to save time and walks back and forth from the linen closet.

18. Store kids bath toys in a mesh bag and hang from a hook in shower.

19. Stash extra shower products in caddies. One per family member.

20. Post a sheet of paper under vanity or behind bathroom door to list products that need replenishing. On shopping day just grab and go.

21. Stock up on wooden baskets.

22. Don't be a magazine hoarder. Like an article? Cut it out and put it in a binder and/or dream book.

23. Toss dirty socks in a mesh bag to keep them together.

24. Use large plastic tubs to deploy tubs to their appropriate places.

25. Keep an ottoman or bench in family room or living room for easy storage.

26. Recycle plastic shopping bags. Keep them in an empty Kleenex box.

27. Store dead batteries in plastic berry containers until they are ready for proper disposal.

28. Paint one entire wall in your mudroom in chalkboard paint for messages and family checklists... fun!

29. Use ice-cube trays to store paper clips, staples, and other desk drawer essentials.

30. Use white address label stickers to label different cords in a power bar.

31. Use a canvas over-the-door shoe organizer to keep small toys and art supplies.

32. Keep sheet sets organized by storing folded flat sheet, fitted sheet and second pillowcase inside first pillow case.

33. Avoid the closet mess by installing closet organizers. Save yourself the aggravation!

34. Install artificial lighting in your closet for a well-organized, well-lit wardrobe.

35. Keep messy kitchen junk drawers at bay. Use drawer organizers.

36. Recycle gift-wrapping ribbons and use them to keep electrical cords together in utility closet.

37. A pot-lid holder installed on cabinet doors are great way to keep pots and pans neatly organized and easy to grab.

38. A pot-lid holder can also be used to store aluminum foil, wax paper and/or plastic wrap.

39. Organize vanity must-haves on a vintage tray.

40. Shrink-wrap out of season clothing, linens, and comforters to save space.

41. Get and use a garden caddie.

42. Use pillboxes to stash jewelry when traveling.

43. Make a fiesta kit. Put away extra glassware, napkins, plates, flatware, napkin rings and votive candles in a wicker basket or old wine crate and take out for holidays and entertaining.

44. Use a binder with dividers to keep the family's medical records in one place. One section per family member.

45. Stash basic everyday necessities like lint rollers and extra hair brushes in mesh tote bags and hang them on hooks. One per bedroom or bathroom.

46. Get a heavy duty paper shredder for peace of mind when trashing documents and mail.

47. Clean out all closets once per season. You'll be glad you did when it's time to pack up and move.

48. Install a magnetized knife rack in your garage or utility closet to keep all your hammers and screwdrivers in one place.

49. Tired of that old cast-iron pot rack? Place in your garage or garden shed for an easy to use garden tool organizer.

50. Buy 10 pairs of exact same gym socks in different colors for each family member to minimize sorting. (If you have teens, tweens, or a fussy husband, you should take this last tip with a grain of salt..