Home And Decoration Tips: 5 Hot Trends for Your Bathroom

5 Hot Trends for Your Bathroom

In 2015, trends that acknowledge a busy lifestyle with a focus on green technology are going strong. In this issue, we're highlighting five of the most popular bathroom updates for 2015.

No Tub or Stand-Alone Tub?

Today many households are getting rid of the bathtub altogether. Why? Because showering uses significantly less water and many people just don't feel like they have time to lounge around for hours in the bathtub. Instead, bathtubs are being replaced by luxurious walk in showers. "Doorless" or "No-threshold" showers give the bathroom a large open feel and are well suited for those who might find stepping up and over the side of the bathtub challenging. In addition, a significant portion of your bathroom remodeling cost is the price of the bathtub, so going tub-less could also save you money

For those who can't live without a bathtub, the trend is the stand alone tub.Think of it as turning the bathtub into apiece of artwork for your bathroom. Stand alone tubs are bold, beautiful and very, very trendy.

Fancy faucets

Most of us have been to a hotel or public restroom with hands free technology. Now this super sanitary feature is affordable for everyone. Hands free faucets and toilets have become the latest thing in the home too.

Low Flow Toilets

Dual and low flow toilets are in demand in 2015. When these toilets first came out they got a bad reputation. This led to consumers going to garage sales and second hand shops looking for traditional toilets, because flushing two or more times was both yucky and a waste of water. Today, they combine water savings with ample flushing power. These higher performing toilets can do the job they're meant to and look stylish too. Installing a low flow toilet can save $100 per year on your water bill. A good deal when they work like they're supposed to!

Heated Floors

There's nothing worse than stepping into your bathroom in the middle of the night and having your just out of bed tootsies hit the cold floor. It almost makes your house feel colder than it is. Trending in 2015 is heated or radiant heat flooring. This nifty feature will make you feel like your bathroom is in a 5 star hotel and might just help lower your power bill - if you decide to lower your thermostat a few degrees.

LED Lighting

Not just in the bathroom, LED is the hottest technology in lighting. LED lights are just as bright as traditional light bulbs and last for decades. These come in as many styles as you can imagine and range from soft yellow to bright white, depending on your needs. Imagine never having to change a light bulb again. This is particularly brilliant (pardon the pun) if your ceilings are high, because once installed, you don't have to worry about the light burning out for 30 years.

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