Home And Decoration Tips: 4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Closets in 2015

4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Closets in 2015

Closets have been, well, in the closet for too long. Fortunately, contemporary architects, builders and designers are focusing more attention on this underdog. Many Carrie Bradshaw fans remember the Sex and the City episode where she was hunting for a new apartment-but was appalled at the lack of closet space. Hang "one of those shoe rack things" over the door? Please. You, your wardrobe and your sanity deserve better than that.

While brand new houses are finally getting the closet space they deserve, that's little comfort to the vast majority of Americans stuck with subpar space. Plus, even if you do have a walk-in closet, it probably looks cheap, isn't customized for your needs and offers little benefit besides a few extra feet of rod space. If you're the type of person who cares about their appearance, thinks getting ready should be a joy (not a chore) and has visions of new wardrobe additions dancing in your head, here are the major reasons 2015 is the Year of the Closet Upgrade:

1. Put a Marble (or Marvel?) in Your Sweet Spot

Early closet designers must not have realized there's more to an outfit than what goes on a hanger. Islands are common in kitchens, but what about in closets? Adding an island or other cabinetry, complete with a marble slab, is the finishing touch you need. Here's where you store accessories like jewelry, scarves, belts and hosiery. The marble isn't just for luxe and looks (though it has plenty of that). It's also very heat-resistant, allowing you to steam and iron at your leisure.

2. It Should Be a Place to Relax

Chances are that when you're in your closet you're in a hurry or anxious. Maybe you're rushing to make your commute, perhaps you're dressing up for a first date or maybe you're madly packing for a vacation. Control your environment and you can help control your stress. Getting ready for anything should be an experience, and your closet's landscape can set the mood for the entire day.

3. Your Wardrobe is Wanting

Are you known for your great style? Are you equal parts corporate executive, weekend warrior and can't resist a formal event-but does that also means you basically need three closets? Most people simply need more room (and more in their wardrobe) than space allows. Plus, a too-small closet means you can't organize effectively and can "lose" items to the Closet Void. An upgrade means better management, more space and more opportunities to perfect your wardrobe.

4. It's a Huge Selling Point

Are you gearing up to flip or sell a house? Buyers are hungry for more closet space, and a luxurious, relaxing mini room might just tip the odds in your favor. Not only can you enjoy total "me time" in your upgraded closet, but it'll catch the eyes of buyers, too. A better home value for a relatively affordable upgrade price? That's a win-win.