Monday, June 22, 2015

Why Pick Bespoke Kitchen Design?

If you want to refit a kitchen in a hurry and on a tight budget, bespoke kitchen design almost certainly won't be the best idea for you. However, the popularity of these as an option are ever on the rise. There's often a very good reason that people choose to do things if they take longer or cost more than the most common options.


Bespoke kitchen design is completely unique. It is designed to fit your style and your needs, as well as the size and shape of your room. No two kitchens will be exactly the same, even if you pick the same materials.

There is so much choice from how your cabinets are positioned, to the materials they're made from. You can make sure that the design and the style is just what you've always wanted, and not just what is available to you at the time. Certain features of bespoke kitchen design just aren't available in readymade versions. For examples, in a corner cabinet isn't the best use of space in most cases. You could instead to have a cupboard fitted with vegetable baskets or a lazy Susan which pulls out when you open the door. Otherwise you end up with a space which you can't access.

Alternatively you can have a door which is hinged in the corner so the whole space opens up. These spaces are particularly useful for large cooking equipment such as pots and pans, and you won't end up with a corner you have to crawl into to use.


When you buy readymade kitchens, they won't necessarily be the best design to fit in with the shape and the size of your room. In a smaller room for example, you might not need the cabinets to be as deep as you would in a larger space - and you might not even have the room for this in the first place. More shallow cabinets will fit in more neatly and give you more vital floor space.


It might sound counterintuitive, but in reality bespoke kitchen design is much cheaper than buying readymade cabinets in the first place. When you buy readymade products they are designed to be cost effective, and so they're made from lower quality materials, and the production is a process rather than an art. It's like buying Ikea shelving (well known for being mass produced and low cost) and expecting it to last as long as a comparable product which has been hand carved by a cabinet maker. They're just different things.

A bespoke kitchen design is designed and built to last. You won't need to replace the doors or the surfaces because they will last for years. In buying quality products you'll obviously need to deal with the higher initial costs, but you'll end up with a far more attractive, and much longer lasting fitted kitchen.

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