Home And Decoration Tips: Tips to Interior Decorate on a Tight Budget: Ideas Well Under $50 to Achieve a Beautiful Abode

Tips to Interior Decorate on a Tight Budget: Ideas Well Under $50 to Achieve a Beautiful Abode

Fantasies of achieving a beautiful new decor can be crushed when a tight or nonexistent budget is factored in. Having a lovely decor does not have to equate with spending a fortune on designer furnishings. Anyone can make their own unique high style decor with a bit of imagination by just thinking outside of the box and turning items found and already owned into designer furnishings. For well under $100, often for no money at all, one can transform their tired looking decor into an exciting new updated look.

Get ready for the exciting adventure of reinventing to achieve a new decor.

Achieving new decor items does not have to mean spending a lot of money. With Spring comes spring cleaning and yard sales allowing for you to easily create a new designer look without tallying up the dollars.

The first step to attaining your new decor is to consider what you already own.

Carefully look at existing decor; what furnishings do you already have that can be transformed and rediscovered to use for a new decor plan.

With just some new paint, hardware and even new feet, old furnishings can instantly be given a renewed life.

  • Take a worn out dated dresser and paint it in sleek black or silver metallic to give it a sleek contemporary look.
  • Change out old drawer and door pulls, knobs and hinges on furniture and cabinets with beautiful new hardware to create an entire new look for your decor.
  • Short Steel feet can replace dated bun feet instantly swapping an old look for a new one.

Move furnishings from one place to another one to discover a brand new beautiful purpose.

  • Sofa end tables can find new life in the bedroom rediscovered as night tables and visa-versa.
  • An old chest can be turned into a new sink vanity to update the bathroom decor.
  • Take the dresser out of the bedroom and give it new life working as a beautiful new media cabinet.
  • Take the ottoman away from sitting in front of a chair and turn it into a coffee table simply by placing a beautiful tray upon it.

Have fun hunting yard sales, consignment shops, and dare I say, the garbage.

Another person's garbage can be a treasure found. Yard sales are a fun day out on a fresh Spring day. As others are shedding their winter coats and other items you can find new uses for them salvaging finds and creating beautiful decor.

  • An old fur can be remade into a beautiful throw.
  • Out of date leather skirts and pants can be used to make pillows or to reupholster a chair seat.
  • Save a broken ladder from the garbage and upcycle the ladder into a beautiful bookcase ready to show off.
  • Turn an old door into a new table or desk top; prop it upon inexpensive pedestals that can be purchased at IKEA.
  • Create new art for the walls out of aged window frames that are being tossed.
  • Old broken plates can find new life being used as mosaic pieces to create a beautiful backsplash in the kitchen.
  • Save those old magazines and coffee table books ready for the garbage by turning them into new unique wall covering.
  • Frame beautiful pages from a coffee table book to turn into artwork for the walls.

Keep the brain flowing and the thoughts coming. Have fun creating and rediscovering as you turn the old dreary decor into a new eye-popping appearance. Make it a new challenge to see how little you will need to spend to create a beautiful new designer look that guests will surely envy and you will love living within.