Home And Decoration Tips: The Advantages of Installing Mirrors on the Walls

The Advantages of Installing Mirrors on the Walls

Over the years interior designers have been using the trick of installing mirrors on the walls to make a small room appear more spacious. The trick is always based on a careful balance of placing the right kinds of furniture to help in that effect. Mirrors are a great item of decoration and it has made a comeback in interior designing.

When a mirror is installed in a darker room space it brightens up the area by reflecting the sun, which is why the placement is highly important. Similar to the effects created by using this product, even mirrored walls have the ability to make a room appear bigger than it is. They have the ability of making the space seem almost double its original size, by the means of reflection. Installing them adds depth to a room and, even though they actually only create a sense of illusion it does help in the case of small spaces.

A mirrored wall does not only elude the mind away from smaller spaces but they also define quality and style. Even without making any arrangements to a room, simply installing this addition will enhance the beauty of the room.

The Types of Wall Mirrors 
There are various styles and types of wall mirrors available. They come in various shapes, dimensions, and price ranges. Because of its reflective factors, they are very popular in many areas.

This type has artwork imprinted into the glass. The artwork can be anything from animals to geometric shapes. These decorative drawings are imprinted on the glass by the means of laser, hand, or acid.

Framed mirrors are widely available and these frames are most commonly made of wood. Other materials like metals are also used as frames to give them an elaborate quality. While choosing a framed variety for a room, interior designers have the instinct of selecting one that compliments the rest of the room. It is not about the cost of the mirror but the way it positively blends with the room.

A beveled mirror has un-leveled edges. The frameless beveled edge provides a reflective surface. The edges of the mirror act as a prism by creating an intensive reflection of different colors of light.

It is important to clean them on the wall regularly so that it compliments the living spaces. Clean the mirror using a dry cloth dapped in warm water or soaked in cleansing agents.