Home And Decoration Tips: Reasons To Choose Granite Flooring For Homes And Offices

Reasons To Choose Granite Flooring For Homes And Offices

Granite flooring is among the most common and popular choices among most of the home owners these days. Apart from its elegant and sophisticated appearance, these floorings are ingrained with many other beneficial features. It is used as countertops as it adds to the decor and beauty of kitchens. Moreover, it is easier to clean and maintain countertops when it is affixed with this natural stone.

Some Attractive Features:

Elegant Appearance: One of the most attractive features of this natural stone is that it is extremely chic and graceful in appearance. It offers a rich aura to the entire home or apartment. With its unsurpassed beauty, this stone is one of the most widely used construction materials in homes and office spaces.

Eco-Friendly: It is known to be completely eco-friendly as it is a bio-degradable product. It is therefore widely preferred by environmentalist.

Long Lasting: Due to its innate strong and tensile features, this unique type of flooring is quite durable compared to marble and ceramic tiles.

Stain Resistant: It is also resistant to stains and therefore it is easy to clean and maintain these floors. Moreover, it hardly requires the use of sealants when it is used in bath areas. It hardly cracks or breaks due to its immense strength.

Varieties: It is made available in a huge assortment of colors, designs and patterns. It can therefore be used in exotic designs to add to the style of homes and other spaces.

Bacteria Resistant: These flooring options are also hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria. It is considered to be the best flooring option for people who suffer from allergies as it seldom retains dirt or dust.

However, granite flooring requires professional installation and it can be quite expensive compared to other types of flooring.

It is quite easy to maintain these floors with simple and constant cleaning. Daily cleaning can be lessened by placing doormats at entrances. Nevertheless, it is important to clean these floors properly and correctly so that it remains shiny for years.

Some Cleaning Tips:

Unlike the other types of floors, this natural stone requires care while cleaning as harsh chemicals and cleaning products can cause irrevocable damage to the floors. Daily clean up can be done easily with a soft broom or a dust mop. Road sand, cereal crumbs, gravel and other such materials should be cleaned as soon as it is deposited on the floor.

Use a wet mop or chamois to clean the floors at least once in a month. A mild dishwashing liquid can be used in the water to clean the floors. Allow the floors to dry completely before it is used.

Yearly waxing of granite floors is essential if the floors are sealed. However, if the floors appear dull even after regular maintenance, it is essential to strip, reseal and wax the floors for a shiny appearance.

It is quite easy to buy this natural flooring from various reputed dealers at affordable price rates. It is available in different elegant designs, colors and patterns to suit different requirements and budget.