Thursday, June 25, 2015

Popular Nautical Wallpaper Themes

The warm weather inspires us to change our decor. Spring and Summer make us think of days at the beach. Nautical Wallpaper allows us to bring those hot summer days into every room of our home. While the style can be illustrated with abstract designs and subtle color patterns, there are also the traditional nautical themes that remind us instantly of summer vacations at the shore. There are many of these themes, but the three most prominent are Sailboats, Sea Life and the Beach.


The sailboat theme is as old as nautical wallpaper itself. No image conveys the beach lifestyle as well as the sailboat. This is done in patterns of small boats, or in large picturesque murals. The effect is dramatic and instant. It lets you bring to your guests and family the hot, lazy days at the beach and all the fond memories that come with it.

Sea Life

Equally popular among nautical wallpaper are themes of sea life. This can be as simple as gold fish on a pattern for the nursery, or as elegant as sea grass patterns in luxury wallpaper for the living room. Sea life patterns provide a calming effect, one that delivers more subtle reminders of our beach memories. This can work in a grand beach house overlooking the ocean, or in an urban escape where thinking of the wide open sea can be more important than actually seeing it.


But what better to provoke memories of the beach than the beach itself? One of the most common nautical wallpaper themes today is the beach. This can be illustrated in large, high-resolution murals of serene, tropical scenes. Or it can be done in more traditional ways, with painted scenes of daily life in small beach towns or colorful sunsets over the ocean. However it is done, the desired effect is to produce thoughts and memories of beach life so of course images of the beach often work best.

Whatever nautical wallpaper theme you choose, your family and guests will be treated to one of the most relaxing atmospheres available in modern decor. The best way to choose which theme is right for your home is to look through the available styles. Choose what you like best. New wallpaper can often be matched to existing decor, but if you find things clashing updating a few accessories often does the trick. Add new throw pillows or an area rug with colors that match your new wallpaper and you will be amazed at how the room comes together.

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