Home And Decoration Tips: Nature Inspired Wall Murals

Nature Inspired Wall Murals

It's the perfect time of year to introduce some nature into your décor. With everything in bloom and the weather warming, spring is on our minds. What better way to celebrate this wonderful time of year than with some nature-inspired décor?

Introducing nature-inspired elements into the design of your home is very simple with the variety of products and tools available today. The best, easiest and most affordable way to do this is with wall murals. Eco-inspired wall murals are very popular today, come in a variety of styles, and are very affordable. Here are a few of the most popular themes among them.


The floral theme is among the most sought after in the nature-inspired murals. This can be presented in realistic depictions of flowers, shrubs and trees, or it can be done in a more abstract nature, with brightly colored pinks, purples and greens depicting shapes reminiscent of natural plant life. It is easy to fit this type into existing décor because the colors available are plentiful.

Birch Trees

The Birch Tree effect has been popular in wall murals for many years. While murals are available that depict all types of trees, the birch has superseded all the rest. Its narrow trunks, white bark and thin branches provide a distinct look that fits into a large variety of decors and styles, from modern to rustic to contemporary. There are many styles within the birch theme to choose from, and one can be found to suit almost any taste, preference and style.

The Tree Hugger

Another page from the tree playbook, the Tree Hugger theme is one of the newest on the market. This style uses fuller, more traditional trees such as oaks and walnuts, to deliver a woodsy effect not available from the birch or floral themes. Often using a large, dominant tree in winter image at the center of the mural, this look produces a dramatic effect in any room. The branches of the winter trees are bare, so the branches provide a stark contrast to the background color of the mural and also to the existing décor of the room. This one is more for the daring as its presence in the room cannot be understated.

Whichever you choose, a nature-inspired wall mural will add that intangible twist that so many people love. Inspired by nature, these murals offer a window into the outside world, even from indoors, and that is something that appeals to tastes across the spectrum.