Home And Decoration Tips: Interior Designing of Houses Intricately Reflected Through the Fireplace

Interior Designing of Houses Intricately Reflected Through the Fireplace

They put in a fire, bought from a store or market place and go about their decoration centered on such fireplaces. It is more about having one of these structures in the house for the sake of it, rather than showing innovation to complement that house decor. The idea is to create a homely and cozy environment around the fireplace, only then will there be a finished decoration that suits the structure.

Readymade designs on stoves and grates to be used for better decor

Variety of stoves to burn wood or coal for warmth in the room is available in the market these days. People go out for their purchases, check out a few stores and pick up one stove that they find to be suitably decorated and appealing. In most cases, designs on these stoves for the fireplace are done with heavy wrought iron or steel on the front, the side which is facing the room. Most of the designs available in the market will be appealing enough. So, people get these items, depending on their affordability and put it in the rooms that they want, burning their wood without much ado having installed a suitable flue arrangement and air supply if necessary.

Interior designing of houses intricately reflected through the fireplace

The manner in which people place their fireplace will show the intricate detail that they wish to obtain in their interior decor. So, simply buying a pre-fabricated fireplace grate or stove and putting it in certain place in the room or inside the box like fireplace structure or adjacent to the wall, may not suffice in reaching a desired decor. It is only through proper innovation and use of ideas that one can design a meaningful fireplace.

Planning fireplaces from the very beginning of house designing

Fireplaces have to be planned when the design of the house is being done. It should be included in the architecture plan layout of the house. Proportion of the opening of the fireplace should be judged with the size of the chimney and the room. It should complement the size of the room in which it is located, or else the wood burning fireplace will look insignificant. Height of this structure should be considered more importantly.

Augmenting the fireplace effect with additional decorations of the surrounding areas

Apart from the fireplace grate being beautifully designed, the surrounding hearth should also have proper decoration. Wood panel, tiles, furniture in the rooms and the wall paintings should be given due attention. Stone works are nowadays done along the fireplace for better interior decoration effects. A lot of handicraft items can be put around the boxed structure for bringing a medieval imagery. Such places are nowadays getting much attention in houses and interior decorators are adding innovative ideas in the living room, in sync with the wood burning fireplace, so that a warm and cozy environment is created inside the house.