Home And Decoration Tips: How to Choose Custom Printed Curtains For Your Home or Office?

How to Choose Custom Printed Curtains For Your Home or Office?

Ever since the terms "made-to-order" and "customization" were coined, the demand for these services has only been rising. Customization essentially means getting something made or modified in accordance with individual requirements. The process takes into consideration various factors such as personal taste and style, time schedules, objective and budget. What mainly draws people towards the idea of customization is the ability to stand out in the crowd by virtue of the fact that what they have is like none other.

It is certainly no surprise, therefore, that customization is highly valuable in industries such as fabric, and textile printing. Since the whole idea is to make fabric more aesthetically pleasing to the buyer's eye, it finds many ready takers. One such arena where individually styled items are hugely popular is in home furnishings. Everybody wants to be able to showcase a home that has unique decorations, upholstery, furniture and furnishings.

Amongst the soft furnishing segment, curtains are considered extremely important. Since they are meant to serve the dual purpose of appearance as well as the play of sunlight in the room, they assume even more significance. Curtains afford privacy; add color, character and elegance to the room. What better, then, than to have custom-printed curtains in your home so that they add your special touch, a true reflection of your style?

Custom-printed curtains are a rage these days, what with every individual looking to assert their own sensibilities and trying to move away from the herd instinct. For somebody who has the perfect look of home decor in mind, getting individually styled curtains is a great idea. You no longer have to make do with designs that are only vaguely in sync with the rest of your furnishings. In fact, there are many people who are quite talented at creating their own designs, and are therefore greatly benefited by the idea of custom-printing.

Another trend that has found a great deal of favor lately is using photographs for creating customized prints. Imagine relaxing in your lounge, gazing at your curtains that have prints from your last holiday! Custom printing can be carried out on any fabric that is ordinarily for curtains, but it is seen that optimal results are on cotton, polyester and silks. This is owing to the fact that they offer the advantage of a large number of color shades and palettes to manifest in great prints with no bleeding or uneven lines. Velour polyester is another material that has widespread popularity for custom printing.

It offers a winning combination of being luxurious, crease-free, soft and non-transparent. It also has considerable strength, meaning that it does not fray easily, making it an ideal candidate for custom printing. The process used for customized curtain printing is dye sublimation, which uses heat to transfer dye onto fabric. This is considered the most suitable method to undertake lower-volume, smaller batches of print work.

So, whichever look you are aiming to attain for your home sweet home, adding the perfect set of custom-printed curtains to your room is going to go a long way!