Monday, June 29, 2015

Homes And Colors

Colors are beautiful and coloring is nothing less than art! And when it concerns your dream home, it becomes a passion and a thing of beauty.

We all have seen the look of our home changing after a fresh coat of paint is applied on the walls. And if we are aware which colors to pair together and which ones will gel with our furniture, our home starts resembling the dream home we have always wanted to live in.

So, let's get started with a few do's and don'ts of coloring your house.

Firstly, it's always advisable to pick a natural shade rather than an artificial one. The natural shade will go better with decor, be it furnishings or artwork.

Secondly, whichever color you choose, make sure to check the change in hue throughout the day in different light. That also means you need to sample the few colors you feel would look best in your home.

Thirdly, if you are looking for a dramatic backdrop for your decor, choose bold colors, but while picking bold colors, make sure the room has enough sunlight and is decorated with light colored items.

Fourthly, decide the color of your wall taking into consideration the finish of the painting surface. For example, flat finish paints are not suitable for places like kitchen and bathroom as it will get dirty easily.

Fifthly, different colors have their own effect on mood. So, choose a colour that suits your mood.

Some of the colors and what they portray are:

Blue: Tranquility
Red: Energy
Green: Relaxed and Refreshing
Yellow: Joyous (too much of it can get you sick)

For the ones who believe in Feng Shui, here's a list of colors that you can choose from depending on what you want:

Red, Orange, Purple, Pink, strong Yellow: Signifies Passion and high energy
Light yellow, beige, Skin color, Earthy/Sandy color: For nourishment and stability
White, gray: Signifies clarity and preciseness
Blue, Black: These colors signify ease and abundance
Brown, Green: For growth and vitality

Lastly, whatever color you choose, it is essential you create a balance by either using different color on walls or by using the decor that complements your pick on wall shade. You can choose to keep one side of the wall bold and the other 3 walls of the room in lighter hue for giving it a different look.

In short, till the time you love your creation and feel happy in it, you can go and experiment with any color as it takes only another brush to undo what you have done if you don't like what you see. But then, you will have to be patient for that.

So, enjoy the change. Happy coloring!

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